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Join The Third Annual Times Square, NYC Big Latch On!

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Come Join Central Indiana’s Big Latch On!

Hamilton County Big Latch On

Last year, over 200 mothers and babies gathered on the steps of the Hamilton County Judicial Building and fed their babies, thus participating in Central Indiana’s Big Latch On This year, for 2017, Breastfeeding World is doing it again with Central Indiana’s Big Latch On! With the help of our volunteers, sponsors, and donors, we […]

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A Cuddle Cot For NY Methodist Hospital

Breastfeeding Tree of Life Images Take Over The Internet

New Bill Acknowledges Breastmilk on Airplanes

This New Bill Will Do Wonders Remember when Alyssa Milano’s pumped breastmilk was seized at an airport screening checkpoint? (You can read the full article here) How about Rose Byrne’s encounter with the TSA? (watch the video here). What about all of the other moms who experienced harassment by TSA agents for bringing breastmilk through […]

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Help Honor Killian with Cuddlecot for Stillborn Infants

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Time to Grieve; Placing a CuddleCot in Brooklyn’s Methodist Hospital Last week, Breastfeeding World shared the Story of Wendy Cruz-Chan. Wendy is a mother whose son, Killian, was stillborn, and decided to pump and donate over 2,000 oz of breast milk to six different babies, in honor of her son. Her strength and perseverance didn’t end there. […]

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