Each year, our organization promotes and supports breastfeeding families within our own communities by hosting breastfeeding celebrations which include our iconic Latch Ons. 

Our Big Latch is a part of the Global Big Latch On- where moms across the globe gather in groups, large and small, and nurse their babies for one minute at exactly 10:30am. This year this one of a kind event will take place on August 3rd & 4th.

It's an amazing event to be a part of. It's an empowering, unique and memorable experience for our families, but most importantly our mothers. Don't miss out on this year's Breastfeeding World's Big Latch On events!

Come join us in one of our Coast to Coast Breastfeeding Celebrations!

New York City

August 4th, 2018 at 9:30am
Iconic, diverse, exciting and full of family activities, Times Square has been our home from the beginning.    
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Martha's Vineyard

August 3rd at 9:30am
Beautiful and intimate, Martha's Vineyard is the location of our dreams!
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Central Indiana

August 5th at 9:30am
Sprawling, our largest Latch On is complete with vendors and activities for children, Central Indiana brings families close to their community.
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August 5th at 9:45am
We're bringing Breastfeeding World to Seattle for the Big Latch On! Join us as we support families and normalize breastfeeding in the PNW!

In 2016 28 countries participated in the Global Big Latch on with 758 individual locations and 17,992 latched children. Around the world over 48,628 people came together to be a part of this initiative. This year we have to break the record yet again, come join us and together let's work on making history!. 

Breastfeeding World had over 850 attendees in our 2017 Coast to Coast Events!


Breastfeeding World... changing lives one event at a time

It felt normal to be there. I was wearing my 15 month old. And it was early and messed up her dear beauty sleep, so she was nursing and napping as I walked around. Checking out all the vendors and booths, it just felt normal. I didn’t feel ashamed or worried if some side-boob was showing, or worried about any random male there yelling at me, because everyone was doing it! And it was beautiful!” -Katie Peede attendee from our 2016's Hamilton County Latch On

martha's vienayard, martha's vineyard big latch on, big latch on, breastfeeding world, breastfeeding world big latch on events, breastfeeding, normalize breastfeeding, baby friendly hospital, martha's vineyard hospital, Martha's Vineyard Breastfeeding , alegares photographyMy favorite part of the event was being surrounded by other mamas and feeling the love we all have for our babies and for each other. I also loved the comment “when someone tells me I shouldn’t breastfeed in public I just want to put a heavy blanket over their head and watch them try to eat a hamburger” made by one of the attending moms.” – Emilee Valenti attendee from our 2016's Martha's Vineyard Latch On

This was my second time attending the big latch on in Times Square and I can’t say how happy and empowered I was to be amongst all these amazing breastfeeding women and advocates. When women gather and support each other, care for their children and all children, we are creating history and a more peaceful world.” – Sandra Laura Shanbhag attendee from our 2016's NYC Latch On

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Thank You to our Generous Big Latch On Contributors for Supporting our Community and Making these Events Possible

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