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hankBreastfeeding World’s Hamilton County Big Latch: 101 nursing moms, 102 latched babies. Photo Credit: Trausch Photography

Breastfeeding World’s First EVER Hamilton County Big Latch On

For Breastfeeding World, our passion for normalizing breastfeeding through community events began last year, in the iconic Times Square, in NYC. This year, in 3 locations- NYC, Marthas Vineyard, and our Hamilton County Big Latch On- Breastfeeding World hosted Big Latch On’s again. This time totaling 426 nursing moms and babies, all latching on and nursing for one whole minute.

For Hamilton County, Indiana, on August 6, 2016, over 350 breastfeeding supporters gathered to nurse their babies for our First EVER Hamilton County Big Latch On.

The Hamilton County Big Latch On boasted 101 moms and 104 nursing children. For Breastfeeding World’s volunteers- Lauren Lewis and Leslie Cosand, together with founder Alexia Garcia- hours of  hard work over the last weeks and months had culminated to one minute.










I just really enjoyed seeing the wide variety of different ages! During the latch I sat next to a mom and the little girl that talked to me and was so excited to eat! It was awesome!” -Valerie Chesney

Photo Credit: Lindsay Trausch, Trausch Photography for Breastfeeding World

For that one, single minute, the courage of nursing mothers in Hamilton County joined forces with breastfeeding mothers around the world. Because of the passion for Breastfeeding exhibited in these local and global communities, The Global Big Latch On smashed last years records.

17,223 children breastfeeding during the one minute count.

17,072 Breastfeeding women attended.

46,290 people attended registered Global Latch On locations to support breastfeeding


The Latch

My favorite part about the Big Latch Event was the Latch itself. I’d never had an experience like it. I was just in awe thinking about all these moms giving their best to their babies and toddlers. I really hope events like this bring breastfeeding back to normal!” – Stacie Rose

It’s amazing, really, the power of one single minute. I sat in the center of 203 moms and babies, fuddling with my shirt and hungry son. As I (nervously) prepared to bare my breast in front of a huge crowd of breastfeeding supporters, I listened. I listened to the noise and chaos and laughter and a few baby tears. I listened as our Photographer, Lindsay Trausch, organized the moms. I listened as Leslie Cosand counted down the seconds. Then I listened as babies quieted. I felt such a quiet sense of overwhelm, the power in our latch. I felt this silent, HUGE community of women, sitting toether, nursing their babies. Suddenly I didn’t just feel the bond with my son. I felt the bond of an entire community of nursing women.” -Lauren Lewis, Breastfeeding World Volunteer Editor and Event Coordinator




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 The Power in our Village

For one full minute, in time with mothers all over, mothers and babes gathered in celebration of the life-giving substance they provide to their children.

The Latch on was sort of a confidence boost for me… I am usually more modest or try to cover in some way. I also have family who judge me for “still” breastfeeding my 20 month old. Being there made me feel like not only is what I am doing right, but it’s ok to do it anywhere and not care if someone is looking. Seeing first hand, all of the mommas nurturing their children with every body type was really something to witness. I’m so self conscious about how my body looks that this has helped me to learn to love my body instead of just knowing that I should.”  – Leesa Cave

hamilton County Big Latch On, Breastfeeding World, Big Latch On


Hamilton County Breastfeeding, Hamilton County Big Latch On, Indy moms, Indiana Breastfeeding Events, Big Latch On




Mothers came to the Hamilton County Big Latch On- and Latch On’s around the world-because somewhere long the way, society determined that women are of far more interest when they are seen as objects. It flows from that standpoint, that breasts, too, are purel meant as sexual objects, therefore, nursing a child is seen as “gross” or “disgusting.” In reality, biologically, breasts are nourishment for infants and children . Therefore, the Global Big Latch On’s occur to remind local communities (and ourselves) that women’s bodies are complex, strong, nurturing, powerful, and beautiful.

Breastfeeding world’s photography and event projects exist in order to showcase the beauty of the bond between mother and child. The Hamilton County Latch On and Community picnic was an excellent way for the families and businesses of Hamilton County to be able to celebrate breastfeeding as a natural human progression.

Finding Breastfeeding Support in Hamilton County

t felt normal to be there. I was wearing my 15 month old. And it was early and messed up her dear beauty sleep, so she was nursing and napping as I walked around. Checking out all the vendors and booths, it just felt normal. I didn’t feel ashamed or worried if some side-boob was showing, or worried about any random male there yelling at me, because everyone was doing it! And it was beautiful!” -Katie Peede

Ultimately, the breastfeeding community in Hamilton County could not be more proud and supportive. When the organization of Breastfeeding World’s Hamilton County Big Latch On began, it was estimated to have around 150 attendees, total. However, there was a problem.  The enthusiasm for breastfeeding support in Hamilton County had been grossly underestimated.

Instantly, there was unprecedented interest in local Facebook groups for the event. As posts were shared on social media, interest grew. Sponsors and local businesses inquired into setting up booths.  For Hamilton County, there has not been a Breastfeeding event like this one. Immediately, everyone wanted to participate. Breastfeeding World has a passion for celebrating the beauty of breastfeeding, and Hamilton County shared it

photo by Trausch Photography
breastfeeding World, Hamilton County Big Latch On, Curvy Girl Studio, Mommy and Me mini movers
Jodie Allenson with Curvy Girl Studio demonstrates a Mommy and ME Mini-Movers class for Parents and Babes







“I was so thrilled to be a part of the Latch On! It was great to see so many families come together to support each other in something so beautiful. In a world lately where everyone is so critical of each other it was so refreshing to see unity, support, and love for something as amazing as breastfeeding. I was Honored to give my time and talent to this wonderful cause and I can’t wait until next year!” – Lindsay Trausch, Volunteer Photographer, Trausch Photography

“I loved seeing so many families committed to their babies and meeting their need via their breast! My daughter said it was such an awesome event to be at where there were so many breastfed babies. All of the women who came out may not know it but are such a great influence to our youth when they breastfeed in public. Thank You!” – April Brake, Serene Midwifery, Advocate Partner

2016’s Advocacy Program

The women at Breastfeeding World could not have pulled this event off on our own. Thank you, thank you, thank you to our Sponsors, Donors, Advocates, and Volunteers.

Breastfeeding World’s Goal as an online community of support is to be able to provide the resources our parents need. Which is why this year Alexia Garcia developed the Advocacy Outreach Program, which was put into effect at all three locations.

The Latch On Event as a professional, was great for me. To see former patients, who showed me with pride how well they have grown their babies, and who had worked through breastfeeding challenges. It was fun to take a selfie, to answer a few questions, to say, “Wow! You guys look great!” My favorite part of the day was the Latch On moment. I got teary eyes. I fel the connection and felt united without words that Breastfeeding Matters!” – Lisa Lahey, Advocate Partner and LC with Advanced Breastfeeding Care

“Amazing time at the Breastfeeding World event… Met some amazing people and of course had the chance to see breastfeeding normalized and dads being an amazing support!” -Aimbriel Lasley, Advocate Partner and Doula with Purely Maternal

doulas of Carmel, Hamilton County Big Latch On, Breastfeeding World Advocate Partners
Picture by our Advocate Partner, Doula, and nursing mama extraordinaire Casey Vhla

Local Prominent birthing, lactation, and maternal health professionals were hand picked by the Breastfeeding World Organizational team and invited to join our Hamilton County Big Latch On.

Thank You to Breastfeeding World’s Latch On Sponsors

Breastfeeding World is a small self-funded and non-profit organization. The Hamilton County Big Latch On would not be possible without our Sponsors, Donors, Vendors, and Collaborators. Please be sure to thank them for their commitment to breastfeeding by patronizing their businesses.

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Little Mr. Little Miss Baby Boutique

joyfulbubbles, hamilton county big latch on
“The Bubbles were pretty awesome, but Just being there, enjoying times with other moms was great!” -Renee Smith





Stacey Ware with Usborne Books is a nursing mama and business owner. Photo credit: Lindsay Trausch, Trausch Photography


Tahwii Spicer is an Advocate Partner for Breastfeeding World and the Owner of Simply Natural Baby Store


Dana Fledderman is a Breastfeeding Supporter and 31 Consultant.



I really enjoyed coming- in many ways a dream come true! I brought my daughters who are 11 & 13. They were comfortable and intruigued. I honestly was just overwhelmed with emotion because I am nursing my lil’ pot-o-gold, a 6 month old son I never thought we would ever have after losing his brothers 6 & 8 years ago. Along with grieving the loss of my boys, I grieved the thought of never nursing again…. I met my son’s birthday twin, a little guy I met at a BWI meeting and also a new local friend her is nursing her almost 2 year old! She has nursed nearly 7 years of her life! WOW! I love being around people where this kind of stuff is normal! Thank you for putting on a fun event and allowing this momma who has had her feet in tween-dom and baby-land, to expose her big girls to such a great part of mothering!” -Nichole Hayden


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Special Thank you to our All Star Donators (Companies that donated to all three events!) 


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