Central Indiana’s Spring Photoshoot

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This past Spring, the Organizer’s behind Central Indiana’s Breastfeeding World Events, Lauren Lewis and Laranda Colbert, along with Central Indiana Photographer Jenni Effinger (Quite Dandy Photography) had the privilege to host a free breastfeeding shoot in Carmel, Indiana’s beautiful Coxhall Gardens. With the help of Liliana Alvarez, Belissima Salon’s Owner and stylist, our team gave these nursing mothers had the opportunity to feel beautiful, supported, and share their journeys with our Breastfeeding World.


Nicole and Elon’s Journey:

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“Elon and I faced quite a steep learning curve in the first few weeks after he came into my life. Luckily, it felt like we had an army of women on our side. We had friends sending books and snacks and galactagogues, lactation consultants offering advice, and doulas lending their support. And most important of all, we had an incredible man – a partner and father – who showed patience and strength and grace and did everything he could to help us through it all.

Elon was born with a tongue tie and so had a frenectomy when he was 10 days old. Before then, he would barely latch at all, so we struggled with pumping and bottle-feeding, along with a few weeks of formula supplementation. The evening of his procedure we had our first successful nursing session. I feel like we owe a lot of that credit to one fabulous lactation consultant whom I’ve described as “The Milk Whisperer”. Soon after Elon’s procedure, he nursed more effortlessly and grew at a fierce rate, and we were encouraged to stop supplementing. Quite Dandy Photography, breastfeeding photo, sunset shoot, indy moms, indianapolis photographer,

That’s when the clouds lifted and the storm cleared. I focused on finding the joy in feeding my son instead of being preoccupied in the stress of it all. What an incredible gift it is to be able to nourish my son with my own body.”

~ Nicole

About the Photographer:

Jennifer Effinger is the proud mother of Kellan (2 years old). She Currently lives in Greenfield, Indiana. Her Photography Company, Quite Dandy, focuses on Lifestyle, Natural Light photography. She loves capturing genuine interactions, and specializes in children, families, breastfeeding, and births. Jennifer joined our Breastfeeding World Team as a Photographer because she loves capturing the precious moments of childhood. After all, what is more precious than the bond between mother and child? Find out more, or book a session, by emailing her at quitedandyphotography@gmail.com.

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