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Let me tell you the reason behind our Breastfeeding World project that has brought me so many smiles… You know, for me breastfeeding was not easy at the very begining, mainly because of the pain that it causes, some days I was ready to give it up but I was fortunate enough to have my mother and sister by my side, they encouraged me to go on and explained that the “pain” (which seemed eternal) was just momentary.

With their help I was able to overcome my fears and decided to not give up too easily. Did It hurt? Yes! Was I exhausted? Totally! Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! Many new moms who decide to breastfeed might encounter different obstacles to do so but they might not be fortunate enough to have a friend or family member around to guide them through it. This is why I have decided to not give up on this project either, I am confident that by sharing our experiences new moms will feel encouraged! Lets show them that if we could do it, so can they!

Enjoy and don’t feel free to leave us to drop us comment.

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Helping future mommas choose the beautiful path of breastfeeding their little ones… Join us!