A photography project founded in late 2014 by Alexia Garcia, photographer a Alegares Photography. Breastfeeding World aims to promote breastfeeding and encourage new moms to nurse their babies through the art of photography and story telling.

It Shouldn’t Hurt To Nurse Your Baby- So Why Does It? By: Lisa Paladino, IBCLC

 Controversy: “Mommy Wars”? The topic of breastfeeding can be very controversial. It is hard not to rouse strong feelings when discussing baby feeding methods and choices. It almost seems as though the infant feeding industry benefits from the underlying tensions among us. While I try to remain level-headed and not contribute to the so-called “mommy […]

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Why Do Some Parents Hide Their Baby’s Gender? Guest Post

hide the gender breastfeeding world

More and more parents are giving their children complete autonomy when it comes to their gender identity. Last July, news broke that Searyl Atli Doty, an eight-month-old baby received a health card that did not specify the infant’s sex. The first baby ever. In place of the “M” or “F,” what appeared instead was a […]

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Dear Active Fathers

It’s June! Time for outdoor BBQ’s, summer break, and Father’s Day. So this month our Breastfeeding World Team is celebrating the Active Father, half of our parenting team “So Lauren,” my brother in law asked, “what went through your mind, when Todd told you that he wanted to take the kids on vacation by himself?” […]

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Army Moms Who Make Breastfeeding Work- Lindsay Martin Guest Post

Our breastfeeding journey started out rocky The Doctors induced me at 36 weeks because of my daughter’s diagonosis with severe intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR). She was born 40 hours later via emergency c-section at 3.5 lbs. Perfectly healthy, just small. Due to her size, she spent 14 days in the NICU. So the situation left […]

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This is Why I Chose a Vegan Lifestyle for our Family

This is why our family decided to "go vegan" for our lifestyle- by Aimbriel Lasley, doula, vegan, IG blogger

Growing up I would say I had the benefit and curse that I was exposed to many different foods. I ate lots of different veggies and fruit and enjoyed home cooked meals almost every day.  However, those meals oftentimes included fried meat, gravy, butter, flour, lots of salt etc. The relationship of food was to […]

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