I am so happy to be able to say that I have now breastfed all 5 of my babies. Each experience was a little different, but which each one I have been able to experience that amazing bond and joy that comes with nursing.

Bittersweet Breastfeeding: Behind the Scenes of a 5-Time Mom

This one is definitely the most bittersweet breastfeeding experience, because she will be our last baby.

She is now 9 months, and I feel like we are counting down the weeks until our incredible journey is over. Not only just this journey, but my entire breastfeeding journey. I will miss so many countless things about nursing, but it has been a phenomenal experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Of course, I will not the bites, the twiddles, the nursing pads and bras, the leaking, the pain and soreness. But each time she looks up at me with those big brown eyes and gently places her soft hands on my cheek and gives me that sweet little smile in the middle of nursing it melts my heart. And that beautiful bond makes you forget about all of those other things. There are so many bittersweet breastfeeding feelings when I look at these pictures of my last nursing baby. Gah, I’m going to miss this!

About the Breastfeeding World Photographer:

Quite Dandy,Breastfeeding World, Breastfeeding Photography,Jennifer Effinger is the proud mother of Kellan (2 years old). She Currently lives in Greenfield, Indiana. Her Photography Company, Quite Dandy, focuses on Lifestyle, Natural Light photography. She loves capturing genuine interactions, and specializes in children, families, breastfeeding, and births. She is excited to Join the Breastfeeding World Team as a Photographer because she loves capturing the interactions of childhood, and  what is more precious than the bond between mother and child?


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