I like to make my New Year Resolutions simple and attainable so I actually feel like I’m accomplishing something! I reflected on this past year, including the birth of my second child, and how it’s changed me as a person. I’m always striving to become a better mommy, wife, and human being. Here are three simple New Year resolutions I would like to accomplish in 2017.

3 Simple New Year Resolutions Every Mom Should Focus On


3 Simple New Year Resolutions Every Mom Should focus on1. Be More Organized

I used to consider myself a decently organized person. But after having two kids I found myself feeling in disarray every day! First, I would go to cook dinner and realize I was missing key ingredients. Then I was missing socks. Or I would leave the grocery store without the ONE item I went in for! So I knew I had to make a change. I bought some cute note pads and planners and got to work. A cute visual helped me meal prep for the week, write grocery lists, and even make a cleaning schedule. It sounds simple and obvious, but this helped me tremendously!


2. Be More Patient.

I’ll be the first to admit that I lose my patience a lot. I get overwhelmed easily and the demands on a mother are tough! But I always feel horrible after I snap at my toddler for yelling my name for the millionth time or when I get frustrated with my husband for not folding the clothing the right way. My children need to see that it’s important to stay calm and practice self-control when we are frustrated…and I am their role model. I have to practice what I preach!

3. Take Care of Myself.


3 Simple New Year Resolutions Every Mom Should focus on
Mommy’s time-out

I’m still learning how essential self-care is, and I know I don’t do it enough. As a mother, I have sacrificed everything for my children, and I have given up my hobbies so I can with them more. But if I feel overwhelmed, tired and weary, then I won’t feel fully present for my children. So I need to learn to take breaks and do small things for myself. Lately I’ve learned that the phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup” is totally true.



I hope you are able to create some New Year resolutions that help you have a fabulous 2017!

Gloria Brooks

I was born and raised in New Jersey, but now live in Tampa,FL with my husband David and 2 babies, Noah (2) and Cecelia (3 months). I went to the University of Florida to study special education and I'm currently an Autism teacher in Tampa.I'm currently extending my maternity leave to be home with my babies, and will return to teaching in January. Being a full time mommy right now is the most wonderful (and exhausting!) job in the world.

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