Lissa James

Hi! I'm Lissa James, currently living and loving in Seattle, Wa. I blog mainly about my experience breastfeeding, as well as attachment parenting, and postpartum anxiety and depression. I hope to encourage and empower other women through my writing. I am a Potterhead/The X-Files junkie, and I love to read and paint. I am currently writing and illustrating a children's book about breastfeeding! Find me on instagram @bumblebeelullabies and find my mama mermaid art @mermamame!

Motherhood: When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work Out

A Letter to my Daughter: Mommy is Here

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My Dearest Daughter, Sometimes in life terrible things happen; this can be hard to accept, but it is undeniably true. I hope to maintain your innocence for as long as possible, but I also want to be honest with you so that you will always have a realistic perspective on life. However, I have no […]

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Holistic Treatment for Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

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The Moby Wrap: A Babywearing “Gateway Drug”

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Happy International Babywearing Week! When my daughter was a newborn, she nursed around the clock and I didn’t get off of the couch very often. After about 2 months of endless snuggles and Netflix marathons (not complaining), I decided something had to give because I needed to get things done around the house. I went […]

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Coping with Postpartum Depression and Anxiety while Breastfeeding

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Your pregnancy went perfectly, and delivery was a breeze. Now your baby is here and motherhood is nothing but rainbows and sunshine! Riiight. Motherhood is beautiful, but it is not always the perfect picture it is painted to be, and that can be very hard for some women to cope with. Societal pressure, unrealistic expectations, shifting […]

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