My Dearest Daughter,

Sometimes in life terrible things happen; this can be hard to accept, but it is undeniably true. I hope to maintain your innocence for as long as possible, but I also want to be honest with you so that you will always have a realistic perspective on life. However, I have no idea how I will ever explain that there are people in this world who are so full of hate that they would literally blow themselves up to hurt other people. I can’t fully comprehend this myself, so how can I possibly get your young mind and innocent heart to understand? I don’t want to, but somehow I will find a way.

I stare into your deep blue eyes and I feel so absolutely overwhelmed with love that it hurts. I will never know how someone could want to hurt you, or to hurt any innocent person for that matter. Perhaps it is not for us to understand, but we must somehow carry on and believe in the good so these people do not win. We must be good to those around us and not let the darkness of the world harden our spirit or our hearts. We must persevere, for you see, sweet angel, there will always be bad things happening and it is up to us how we choose to live our lives. Is it not wise to be the light, and to balance out the age-old tale of good vs. evil in our one life to live? I believe it is, and I will always guide you on that path, until you are old enough to choose one of your own. 

Mommy is here, Mommy is here always”

It is my goal in life, not to shield you from life’s atrocities, but to prepare you for them. To love you hard and full enough that you know no matter what happens, you always have a safe haven in me. If I could carry you forever, I would, but one day you will be as old as I am and it will be your turn to protect your little one’s from the hurt in this world. My job will be done, and you will know exactly what it felt like to live in a world full of hate, when you feel so much love. It is hard, Dear one, but don’t lose faith. There is always something to look forward to, always hope to be found. 

Someday you will hold your child in your arms the way I hold you now, with your ocean-blue eyes, curly red hair, and your sweet, milky skin on mine. You nuzzle safely into my arms and suckle from my breasts night after night and I know that nothing in this DadGraduation 3432world matters more than these moments. I would do anything, anything, to protect you and keep you safe. I will always be here for you, never forget that.  I love you a million times more than the hatred that consumes so many, and love will always win. 

So tonight as you close your eyes and fall asleep in my arms like you have done so many times before, I will whisper sweetly, “Sleep now, little one, your Mommy is here. Mommy is here, always.”


To the parents out there who are afraid, or are unsure of how to raise a child in a world capable of  evil, find solace in the little things. Hold your little one and know that you have experienced that most beautiful thing that life has to offer: love. In the wise words of John Lennon:

“All you need is love, love is all you need.”

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