Is Your Home Filled With Clutter?

Moms know well that there are many precious moments in their infants’ lives. But few can compare to the emotional closeness of breastfeeding. So many of those invaluable rituals pass almost unnoticed as we’re immersed in a sea of worries. As we think about how we can solve yet another issue.

Especially for moms that raise toddlers and infants simultaneously, like myself. It becomes crucial to create a soothing atmosphere in every room of the house. You will want to be present in those priceless moments and not worry about a sink full of dishes or tripping over toys on the floor. And that is where simple decluttering tips come in handy!

Inside-out makeover

Even if you’re in love with your trinkets and knickknacks; when you have a toddler running around the house while you’re trying to breastfeed your bundle of joy, it’s not easy to enjoy the feeding time with a peace of mind.

If it does’t bring you joy, considering purging it. Put away the smallest and least-used items in your home. Decorative, grabable items can be put in a storage unit, in a drawer, or up on a high shelf. Keep your rooms clean and focused around several larger pieces of furniture with warm accessories; such as pillows, carpets and curtains.

The same goes for your nursery – I’ve used many colorful boxes and sliding drawers to store clothes, extra blankets and toys, so that they are out of reach without my help. With that, every room is clutter-free. Plenty of clean, open space allows you to breastfeed in comfort and focus on your baby without panicking about that pile of books that needs organizing.


A breath of fresh air

breastfeeding Nothing inspires a sense of serenity quite like clean, fresh air. However, living with kids often causes burnt meals, smelly diapers, and as cute as baby farts might sound, they can be surprisingly hard on the nose! It took my husband a while before he got used to various baby smells. We had to learn how to change those diapers like a professional pit-stop team – in less than five seconds.

Living in cities alone exposes you to an above-normal level of air pollutants and unhealthy microelements. No matter how hard you try to keep your home clean and tidy, dust, pollen and hair find their way into every room.

With the help of low-maintenance plants and high-quality air purifiers, even the smelliest, stuffiest rooms turn into a breastfeeding oasis for you and your baby. Removing toxins and pollutants, will not only help your baby breathe better, stay calm and soothe them to sleep with ease, but it will also help them stay healthy and lower the risk of allergies or asthma in the future.

Stress-free maintenance

Our first baby shower resulted in so many doubles that I cannot even begin to name them all. Pacifiers, plush toys, breastfeeding pillows, crib blankets, you name it. Some of them, of course, were bound to come in handy sooner or later. But, most of them just took up space. This was definitely the case with a breast pump I had a special relationship with. I couldn’t wait for the time to get rid of it too.

With a second baby on the way, we had to get rid of all the extras and make room for the things we would actually need. So, a spring cleaning in the middle of winter ensued, and our home suddenly felt lighter, brighter and less chaotic. We decided to literally take baby steps to avoid collecting clutter in the future.comfortable breastfeeding

As soon as I receive a double gift or buy an extra item by mistake, I donate it, sell it or pass it on, in no less than a day or two. This helps me keep our home clutter-free, simple to clean, kids and breastfeeding-friendly. Instead of one major spring cleaning session that can take up a whole day or even a week, we created a manageable routine that keeps stress at bay and doesn’t interrupt or hinder my precious breastfeeding sessions.
Focus on finding the best long-term solution that will simplify cleaning and organizing your home, and every breastfeeding session will become a private, stress-free moment of bliss you will remember for the rest of your life.

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