Wrapping is a wonderful tool to help your over the course of your breastfeeding relationship.

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The moment you master this front wrap cross carry skill, a whole new chapter of feeding on the go opens. Baby or Toddler will be right there on your chest, hunger cues will be easy to spot and you can latch them on right away and keep on walking.

A front Wrap Cross Carry is a very nursing friendly carry for all ages. Easy to adjust, easy to adapt for different needs, and all around supportive. In addition to a few general safety tips, there are some difference between nursing a baby and a toddler.


Breastfeeding Carry: Front Wrap Cross Carry Cradle Carry Baby:

  • Optimal position is a check mark.
    • Baby’s weight resting on bottom, knees bent, chest/back flat, and head upright.
  • Bottom of the torso pass/pouch is closed and secured to fully support baby’s weight.
  • Baby’s airway is clear, chin off chest, and nose unobstructed to breath.
  • Baby’s head is supported. This is not a totally hands-free carry.
  • Check occasionally on breathing and latch. Things may shift as you move around.
  • Once baby is finished feeding, it’s best to move them back to an upright position.

Breastfeeding Carry: Front Wrap Cross Carry Upright Toddler:

  • Optimal position is upright.
    • Knee-to-knee support, and knees higher than bottom.
  • Toddler can rotate head down or you can loosen carry to lower toddler down to breast level to latch.
  • Toddler’s airway is clear, face not covered, and nose unobstructed to breath.
  • Check occasionally on breathing and latch. Toddler’s like to wiggle, especially with a slightly loose wrap.
  • Moving around may be more difficult with toddler’s weight not centered on your torso
  • Once finished feeding, it’s best to bring toddler back up high and tight to your body.

Sam REddy, Wrapsody Brand Ambassador and Portland Area Babywearing Educator, simple video tutorial on how to breastfeed using a front wrap cross carry,

About our Guest Blogger, Sam Reddy

Editors note: Breastfeeding World is pleased to host Wrapsody Brand Ambassador Sam Reddy as this week’s blogger and babywearing expert. We asked her to join us and share her expertise on babywearing and breastfeeding this week as it coincides with the last day of our Wrapsody Hybrid giveaway. Thank you Sam, for sharing the breastfeeding (and babywearing!) love.

Sam is a busy mom trying keep up with her busy kids. She stumbled into babywearing as a parenting tool when her oldest, Jack, wanted held all the time. She continues the babywearing love with her second child, Bear.

As a Volunteer Babywearing Educator and Certified Consultant, Sam spreads the babywearing love to all that will listen. She specializes In babywearing during hiking and pregnancy as well as tandem wearing.

Check out her blog and YouTube channel for more information.
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/veganbabymama/
Instagram: @Veganbabymama
Twitter: @Sam_Vegan
Website: https://veganbabymama.h
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