Betty Rose

Betty Rose is a writer and the voice behind the #MomLife Column. Born and raised on the Pacific Island of Guam, she now resides in Seattle, Washington. After having her first child, she began sharing her new role as a Chamorro mother living in the stats and continues to contribute feature stories of Pacific Island communities in other publications. She embraces the diversity, the struggles of motherhood and hopes that, through her writing, she can break and bring awareness to the barriers set on minority communities across the world.

What is World Breast Pumping Day?

January 27, 2018, the breastfeeding community celebrated World Breast Pumping Day! Unless you’re a pumping mom, no one really knows the endless sacrifice that pumping moms have in their breastfeeding journey. Pumping Moms Get Sh!t Done! This isn’t to say that breastfeeding or formula feeding mothers don’t get sh!t done – but it’s to recognize […]

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See darling photos of the breastfeeding people of Guåhan (Guam)

Breastfeeding World, Guam

Moms Are Eager For Next Year’s Seattle Big Latch On

2017 Big Latch On, Seattle Big Latch On

PNW Moms make history for Breastfeeding World’s first Downtown Seattle Big Latch On There was so much excitement kicking off Breastfeeding World’s first ever west coast Big Latch On in Downtown Seattle! Moms gathered to show just how powerful the PNW community is in coming together in the name of normalizing breastfeeding. Lots of excitement […]

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Announcing Breastfeeding World in Seattle for the Big Latch On!

Making History, One Event at a Time We are so pleased to introduce Breastfeeding World’s first ever Downtown Seattle Big Latch On! For the first time, the volunteers and passionate mamas at Breastfeeding World can’t believe we get to host Big Latch On events from Coast to Coast. Starting from intimate Martha’s Vineyard, to iconic […]

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