The only thing I wanted for Christmas last year from my other half was a Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag.

Christmas was extra special this year. E celebrated her first Christmas and I received my first Sarah Wells Bag!

Let me tell you why this breast pump bag has been the best gift I’ve ever received.

I’m a new mom. A new mom, who works.A new mom, who works and carries a laptop daily. A new mom, who works, carries a laptop and her purse daily. A new mom who works, carries a laptop, her purse and lunch daily. A new mom who works, carries a laptop, her purse, lunch and pumping gear daily.

I’m just a new mom who carries way too many bags – daily.

While lugging my laptop bag, purse and lunch to work was the norm, adding in my pumping bag just made it unusually cumbersome. One would think I was going on a mini vacation with all those bags. Definitely not the case.

I was simply going to work carrying all the gear I needed for the day:

  • my wallet
  • make-up
  • car keys
  • misc  purse necessities
  • lunch
  • laptop
  • laptop charger
  • mouse
  • pens
  • note pad
  • breast pump
  • flange
  • storage bags
  • breastpump parts
  • cooler bag

….all of these in THREE. DIFFERENT. BAGS.

All that changed on Christmas

A Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag was the only thing I wanted for Christmas, so my other half gave the OK and gifted me my very first Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag! Of all the different bags and styles, I was drawn to the Annie Bag. It is this perfectly professional, sleek leather tote that is Executive Meeting appropriate. No one would ever guess my breast pump, nursing pads and pump parts and supplies were held in side, which is great for someone like me, who serves our Executive Team.

Amazing Annie

Amazing is the only word I can find to describe the feeling the first day I went to work with my Annie Bag. I had my laptop in there, my breast pump and pump parts and supplies…and my purse essentials! ALL. IN. ONE. SINGLE. STYLISH. BAG!

Sarah Wells Breast pump bag
What my pumping station at work usually looked like. Sarah Wells Annie Breast pump Bag and coordinating Pumparoo  make pumping at work easy. And inconspicuous to others in the work place!

I still carried lunch separately because I’m one of those people that brings rice and meat and forks and fruits, as if I’m going on a picnic for four – but it’s really just lunch for one (plus, it’s for the breast milk!).

Being able to carry all my work gear in one bag was heaven. It made me wish I had purchased a Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag as soon as I returned to work after maternity leave. It would have saved me a lot of time from packing and carrying three to four separate bags each day.

Pumparoo Perk

In addition to the Annie Bag, Dad got a great deal when he purchased and received a Sarah Wells Pumparoo. The Pumparoo is a wet and dry bag that coordinates with each of Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags. IT IS awesome and is a must have for moms who pump on the go. While there are pockets in my Annie Bag, the Pumparoo made it possible to hold more pumping supplies and it allowed me to carry my pump parts to and from my desk without having to carry the bag itself.

The Fabulous Features

Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags are a must for every mom – even for those who don’t pump or out of the breastfeeding stage! Here are some of the awesome features that I love:

  • Direct access storage pockets for breast pumps

    I loved being able to open my breast pump bag and not have to lift my breast pump out of it to operate. With Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags, the direct access storage pockets open on the side of the bag for easy convenience and access to your pump. You just slide  the pump out to begin your session, or leave your pump in the pocket and pull out your tubing or power adapter only! Love, love, love not having to reorganize every pumping session with this feature!

  • Thermally Lined Pockets
    Sarah Wells Breast pump bag
    The Kelly Greige backpack breast pump bag is an awesome choice for moms who want a hands-free option. Every Sarah Wells Bag comes with foil lined pockets to keep things cool and cold as needed. This is especially great when transporting frozen milk!

    Every Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag comes with thermally foil-lined pockets, which means these bags act like coolers! This is perfect for keeping frozen milk during transport (goodbye hideous coolers that come with insurance issued breast pumps!). If you keep ice packs in there as well, anything cool will stay cool for up to 6 hours, including freshly expressed milk, refrigerated snacks like yogurt, or bottles on the go.  (I’ve kept up to 10 storage packs of frozen milk at work in our freezer. On Fridays when I transport them all home they fit and stay frozen past that 6 hours!).

    But the coolers aren’t just for milk! As E grows, we can keep juice boxes and fruit cool throughout the day!

  • Water-resistant, easy-to-clean materials

    Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags are made of water resistant material. So, if you spill some milk – which HAPPENS – it’s an easy clean! You can also throw it in the washer for a quick wash and air dry if there are any other accidents or spills.

  • Lifetime guarantee

    100% Mom Satisfaction is Sarah Wells’ guarantee. Customer service is probably the NUMBER ONE reason Sarah Wells has such a great fan base of customers. I mean, these bags are amazing in itself, but moms love being encouraged and told the products they purchase come with a satisfaction guarantee. The Sarah Wells team truly live up to this motto. So much so that Sarah herself directly communicates with customers. How awesome is it for any owner of a company to make time for their customers?!

  • Pumparoo
    The staging mat of the Pumparoo is excellent. It lets moms trust their pumping space is sanitary. 

    The Pumparoo is a great wet and dry bag to store your pump parts before and when you’re done with your pumping session. If you’re at work and on the go, just toss in the parts you used and leave it in the refrigerator for your next pumping session. NO ONE at work will ever guess that sitting next to their lunch is your pump parts! (And no awkward stares from coworkers as you travel down the hall with your pumping gear!)

    I use the dry outer pocket to hold all my extra supplies, like my nursing pads, extra valves and storage bags for milk I pump…and chocolate (because everyone needs chocolate while they pump!).

    The amazing part of it?
    Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag and Pumparoo are the perfect combo for any mom pumping on the go.

    Sarah created a staging mat that you could never tell was there! At the back of the Pumparoo is the snappable removable mat. This becomes every mom’s safe haven for a clean sanitized table top when it comes time to pump. It’s in the same pattern and material as the rest of the Pumparoo, too!

    How awesome is that? Super multi-functional and discreet in everyway when you’re at work! The Pumparoo is BPA-free, PVC-free, Phthalate-free, Lead-free and can hold up to four 8 oz bottles.

Made for every Mom in Mind

Not only are Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags stylish and impressively functional, they grow with mom for every stage of motherhood. When I’m done nursing E, I’ll be able to use the Annie tote just like a regular work bag. The foil lined pockets will fold into itself and provide more space inside. Or, I can use that part of the bag to be my lunch bag to keep my food chill til lunch time!

“No one in our building ever knows that Dad carries my breast pump bag everyday we come home from work. I mean, look at that backpack – would you ever guess it contained chilled milk I pumped at work?”
Not just Totes

The Kelly Greige BackPack Bag is a perfect example of how Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags are suitable beyond the breastfeeding years. Because it’s a hands free option, I see us using this bag to the park or on hikes in the future. The foil lined pocket in this particular bag is HUGE. It’s large enough to hold six 8oz bottles spaciously standing right side up. So, as we move from bottles to sippy cups to juice boxes and more, this bag becomes a stylish portable cooler for snacks and drinks on the go! The neutral design is also great for Dads to wear it as well!

BONUS: The inside of the Kelly Greige Bag has a LAPTOP SLEEVE!!! How flippin awesome is that for traveling families? Check the Facebook Live Feed below for a thorough exam of both the Annie and Kelly Greige bags. This is great for moms who work remotely or studying for school!

What if lugging around a large bag isn’t your style?  

The MHEARTM BAG is your answer! Sarah Wells thought of moms past the breastfeeding and pumping stage, too! As the latest addition to the Sarah Wells family, MheartM bags give moms additional freedom. These bags still have a foiled lined pocket, but are smaller for that time in motherhood when a large bag isn’t needed.

It has 8 pockets (every moms dream for organization in a light weight bag!).  Two pockets are thermally lined. You can keep things like yogurt or sippy cups cool if you’re on a quick stroll to the park.  There are two inner pockets with tuft sleeve elastics that is perfect for water bottles or baby bottles ready for formula. There are two small inner zipper pockets as well. It’s a great space for all the small loose items you want in one place. There are also two large outer pockets. One is in the front, for easy access to things like pacis or teethers. The other is in the back, for things like your your wallet so it sits close to the body. All the pockets are deep and more expansive than the MHeartM seems on the outside.

The coolest part of Sarah Wells MHeartM Bags are the multi functional ways you can wear it!

There are at least 5 different ways the single strap can create “different MHeartM bags”.

  1. Shoulder Bag

    Use the strap as a shoulder bag that is petite and on the go. The Strap hooks on to the metal loops at the top of the bag and is adjustable.

  2. Messenger Bag
    Baby wearing moms will love the fanny pack transformation with a few adjustments of the MheartM strap. Hands free and easily accessible without wearing straps on the shoulder! Photo credit @milksprouts

    If you like cross body purses, this will be your go to style! By extending the length of the strap, you can convert the should bag look into a messenger bag!

  3. Fanny Pack

    For Baby wearers, a fanny pack is helpful when straps are too difficult to add the already busy shoulders. Sarah created two small loops in the back side of the pocket where the strap can slip through. This creates a belt like option for a fanny pack. AMAZE BALLS!

    Converting the MHeartM bag into he Stroller BFF option gives parents confidence and security being out at fairs or venues like Disney. The straps convert and allow the bag to be secured to the stroller. This means less chances of someone running away with your belongings!
  4. Back Pack

    If that wasn’t enough, you can use the hooks at either end of the strap from the fanny pack position and secure them to its corresponding metal loop at the top of the bag. VOILA! You have a mini back for a truly light and hands free day at the park (where *some of us* won’t accidentally hit another child in the head from our swinging messenger bag as we chase down our run away child).

  5. Stroller BFF

    My favorite has to be the Stroller option that the straps give for moms. If you don’t like wearing a bag and want to secure it to your belongings so that it is less likely to be lifted by some unfriendly stranger, then from the Fanny Pack mode, loop each strap end over your stroller bar and hook it to the corresponding metal loops at the top of the bag. This secures your MHeartM bag to your stroller!

Sarah Wells demo

Watch this Facebook live from Breastfeeding World, beginning at 34:50 to see all the ways you can wear the MheartM bag! Watch the whole video for more show of the Annie Bag, The Kelly Greige Pockets and the Abby Tote that is perfect for summer!


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