No one wants to end up in an emergency situation, I know I did not want to this past week; however, it happens and being able to breastfeed on demand when in a hectic, emergency situation makes mothering so much easier.

What my Monday morning looked like.
What my Monday morning looked like.

Early Monday morning, on Dec. 1st, around 2 a.m., my 3-year-old son came into our room, woke me up and climbed into bed with my husband and I. He had been sick with what we thought was a cold since the Tuesday before, but by the fourth night he was wheezy and breathing deep while sleeping. He would wake about half way through the night for two nights but would fall back asleep with us the rest of the night. But by the third night of wheezy breathing (sixth night total of being sick), this early Monday morning, there was just something different and worse this time.
The morning of Dec. 1st, from 2 a.m. until 6 a.m. felt like many more hours had past because all three of us were falling in and out of sleep, but not actually getting any sleep at all. He was starting to have a really hard time breathing, struggling in fact, and was feeling a little feverish.

Breastfeeding in emergency situations can be very handy and specially nourishing for your children

My babies in arms in a hospital bed. My poor boy.
My babies in arms in a hospital bed. My poor boy.

After getting our son in a steaming shower and calling the on-call nurse by 6:30 a.m., we were told to go to the ER. We were shocked and I felt it was all happening so fast. He seemed fine in the day, almost seemed like he was improving, he just had some minor cold symptoms. By 8 a.m. we were at the ER and back in a room with a doctor and nurses. My husband had to go to work but was going to try and get off early and meet us there, so I told him not to worry and I would keep him updated. Never did I think we would be there all day and he would be admitted to stay the night. With in 15 minutes of being in the ER, he was diagnosed with Croup (severe) and was given breathing treatment and steroids. He was in a lot of pain, exhausted, confused, and just wanted to go home.
I had babyworn my 19-month-old daughter in, so she was with the two of us, in the hospital bed during all of it. Now, I was trying to be prepared and packed a snack bag, but I forgot it in the car in all the chaos. Little Miss and I were starting to really need food even though she had morning nursed already before getting there. The nurses did what they could and brought us a few snacks but we were still hungry.

Breastfeeding in an emergency.
Breastfeeding in an emergency.

So conveniently, even under stress and with little to no food, I breastfed her all morning! This made caring for my son so much easier because I did not have to worry if my daughter was starving to death and she got what she needed. My daughter stayed calm and helpful (90% of the time), just sitting in the bed with her poor sick brother and myself because she could nurse. She didn’t get grumpy and act out, she didn’t feel left out or ignored, and she didn’t need special attention. All because of breastfeeding! I didn’t need to get out of bed, stop holding my son, stop helping the nurses with him to get or make food or milk for her because of breastfeeding. I am so grateful for being able to breastfeed and sticking with it. I love that because of breastfeeding, I was able to nurture my very sick son in a scary situation, while also nurturing my 19-month-old all by myself!

Our sweet nurse pulling my babies in the hospital's pediatric wagon after 10 hours of being there. They were getting restless.
Our sweet nurse pulling my babies in the hospital’s pediatric wagon after 10 hours of being there. They were getting restless.
Because of breastfeeding, both my babies were taken care of and I felt like a supermom never missing a thing for my babies.

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