Month: December 2015

Don’t be a Scrooge of Breastfeeding

Don’t be the Scrooge of Breastfeeding this Christmas! Do not be the Scrooge of Breastfeeding, Breastfeeding your baby is important. I say this as a matter of fact- medically recommended, not as a judgment. The American Academy of Pediatrics certainly states so and so does WHO (World Health Organization), recommending that babies be breastfed until […]

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When Your Baby Begins Starting Solids: 3 Reasons to Delay

Starting Solids with my 6 month old

First, a tiny celebration. My Little Man turned 6 months old last week! He is quickly loosing that sweet newborn squishiness. Suddenly he’s becoming his own (not so) little, noisy, happy guy. O is filled with wanderlust, exploring new things. Every day, he sits up for longer periods of time. Our hearts sung when he said his first […]

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Motherhood: When Breastfeeding Doesn’t Work Out

‘Tis The Season For Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding in the winter is one of the best times to breastfeed, in my opinion. Although I was born in Burbank, I’ve lived in Oregon pretty much my entire life and I’m very much a proud Oregonian. I love seasons and I LOVE the snow! I love the summer and just because it snows in […]

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You Made Me A Mommy, Now You’re 4

My baby turned 4 You read that right, my baby turned 4. Or at least he was a baby. Last time I could remember, he had ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes. Last time I could remember, he smelled of momma’s milk, fresh and sweet. Last time I could remember, he would only sleep […]

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