Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. Family, friends, food. Fabulous. This year is our baby girl’s first Thanksgiving, so we are very excited to start some traditions with her. As she grows up, we can teach her family recipes, how to say Grace, and to say what she is thankful for. These are just a few of the traditions I grew up with that I would like to pass on. However, I would also like us to make some brand new traditions that are more focused on our health.

With all the delicious dishes that we share together comes some not so great things too. I’m talking about extra calories, food comas, and even hangovers if your family celebrates with lots of wine like mine does! These three things are not so fabulous.

So, I am bringing to you a few Thanksgiving feast health tips you may want to do with your family this weekend to avoid the above three health enemies.

  1. Start each day with a tall glass of lemon water. This small step makes all the difference. A 16 ounce glass of water with half a fresh lemon squeezed in each morning will help boost your metabolism and flush out any toxins from your system. This is great before and after drinking alcohol. Of course, it’s good to continue drinking water throughout the day, too. When drinking alcohol or soda at parties and holiday events where drinks are in abundance, many nutritionists recommend rotating water in between each alcoholic and/or sugary drink. This way you know you are keeping your body hydrated.
  2. Lemon-Water-Benefits
  3. Get outside for a long walk with friends and family. It may be brisk outside, but bundle up and take a minimum 20 – 30 minute walk each day after your main meal. If you have your baby or your pet dog with you, even better! Walking not only burns calories, but aids with digestion as well which will help get rid of that “food coma” feeling.                                        family_walking_in_woods
  4. Skip the Desserts (when possible). On Thanksgiving itself, of course treat yourself. It’s a time for celebrating with pumpkin pie and ice cream. However, try to avoid seconds and leftovers when it comes to desserts the rest of the week. I used to always be tempted to wake up the morning after Thanksgiving and have leftover pie for breakfast. This is not a healthy choice, obviously! Not only are these desserts full of extra calories, but having them before bedtime can make it very difficult to fall asleep. If you’re feeling restless in bed on Thanksgiving night, it could be due to those sugary desserts, so definitely think twice about over indulging!                                                                                                                                   NoPie
Hope everyone stays happy and healthy this holiday season! Lots of love, Emily and Baby Hannah xoxo
Can't wait to fill her belly up on her first Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble gobble!
Can’t wait to fill her belly up on her first Thanksgiving! Gobble gobble gobble!
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