“I’m eating for two” is the expression I’ve always heard when pregnant moms would justify themselves for over-indulging in meals, desserts and snacks that they would normally not have if they weren’t pregnant. I was waiting for that moment my entire pregnancy, but unfortunately for me, I could not hold anything down or eat more than my usual serving. However, my appetite returned after I gave birth. So, when I read that my body needed 500 more calories than usual to help sustain breast milk production, I went to town with “It’s for the breast milk.” And I’m still not ashamed to do so.

8 smart ways to use “It’s for the breast milk.” to your advantage

  1. When you want third servings of anything
  • I mean, I already had seconds, but it’s just too good to stop there. If they judge me, they should know I’m doing this for my daughter.
  • “Please pass the BBQ ribs this way – it’s for the breast milk.”

  1. When you want cookies… just because
  • Works best if the package has the word “lactation” on it, but if it doesn’t, you can still get away with convincing the family of your rights.
  • “I can eat all the cookies I want because it’s for the breast milk.”

  1.  When there is ONLY ONE piece of dessert left
  • You know, when you and your brother are both staring down at the last Oreo macaroon left and you need a really good excuse as to why you deserve it more than he does.
  • “Bro, it’s for the breast milk.” #winner

  1. When you’ve got a sweet tooth at work
  • When your Boss constantly catches you with a piece of chocolate from the “free candy” bowl set out for guests.
  • “Boss, I can’t help it – it’s for the breast milk.

  1. When you’re sharing fries
  • When you’re sharing McDonald’s fries with your other half and you want his share, too.
  • “Babe, do you mind if I have the rest of these? It’s for the breast milk.”

  1. When your friend is paying for lunch
  • I mean, don’t be greedy about it. If they’re a good friend, they’ve got your back.
  • “I’ll have the fresh spring rolls, the fried spring rolls, a #8, #9…and a taro bubble tea, please. Thanks, BFF, it’s for the breast milk.”

  1. When your other half is on a health kick, but you ARE NOT
  • My fiancé once bought me a reduced-fat, organic wheat muffin breakfast sandwich from Starbucks. I was so disappointed.
  • “Babe, what are you doing to me? I need all the fat I can get – it’s for the breast milk.”

  1. When you’re picky about food
  • The time you’re visiting Madre’s house and the only thing to eat isn’t one of your favorites.
  • “Oh, Madre, I’m so sorry I can’t have any of this – it’s (not good) for the breast milk.”


Of course, these are all just excuses to have your way with food, which is my weakness. If you’re looking for healthy alternatives,fruit is a great substitute for the above, because eating thirds or the whole box of cookies isn’t necessary…or necessarily healthy. If you’re a foodie like I am, then give it a try!

No one dares to question a mom and her food choices “for the breast milk.” Do you have some personal favorites that get you far with food? Share them in a comment below!

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Betty Rose

Betty Rose

Betty Rose is a writer and the voice behind the #MomLife Column. Born and raised on the Pacific Island of Guam, she now resides in Seattle, Washington. After having her first child, she began sharing her new role as a Chamorro mother living in the stats and continues to contribute feature stories of Pacific Island communities in other publications. She embraces the diversity, the struggles of motherhood and hopes that, through her writing, she can break and bring awareness to the barriers set on minority communities across the world.
Betty Rose

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