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We are so pleased to introduce Breastfeeding World’s first ever Downtown Seattle Big Latch On! For the first time, the volunteers and passionate mamas at Breastfeeding World can’t believe we get to host Big Latch On events from Coast to Coast. Starting from intimate Martha’s Vineyard, to iconic Times Square, to sprawling Central Indiana, and now Seattle! Our project is expanding our reach to communities across the USA.Together, we can empower breastfeeding families in each area!

Central Indiana's Big Latch On, 2016, photo by trausch photography

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As nursing moms ourselves, we know, motherhood is HARD. Breastfeeding is HARD. And just like motherhood, breastfeeding is worth it. That is why we strive to “share the breastfeeding love”. We do this through social media, our blog, our photography project, and by hosting Big Latch On events across the USA.

The Latch

The Global Big Latch On takes place at registered locations around the world,where women gather together to breastfeed and offer peer support to each other. Their friends, family and community join this celebration to promote and support breastfeeding. Volunteers from within the community host each location, hosting a Global Big Latch On creates a lasting support network for the community.

What to expect at a Global Big Latch On location?

There’s usually a little bit of beautiful chaos, lots of laughter and then some counting. We do have some records to break, which is why we need your help. We count the number of children breastfeeding at the same time (the latch count), how many breastfeeding women gathered and the total number of people who come out to show their support, so bring as
many friends and family members as you can.
At around 10.30am we count all the breastfeeding that is happening. It’s a latch on, so a child’s mouth around a breastfeeding woman’s nipple counts. If you are breastfeeding
twins or triplets (or more!) counts 2/ 3 even if they are not all breastfeeding at the same time. We figure that’s fair enough! Remember no one checks for milk transfer, children do not have to stay latched for the whole time and all ages are very welcome.
We recognize that everyone’s breastfeeding journey looks different and we want the Global Big Latch On to be as fun and inclusive as possible, while still reaching our aims of positively supporting breastfeeding in public and making it a normal part of day to day life.You can be included in the latch count by latching a child or children; using an supplemental nursing system or nipple shield; expressing milk (hand or pump) or by feeding your child breast milk via an alternative method.

Find out more on their website!

What Can You Expect from Breastfeeding World’s Downtown Seattle Big Latch On?

Check-in and Registration time is at 9:45am at the top of Kite Hill at Gas Works Park. Please be sure to arrive earlier to navigate from the parking lot to the hill top in time. There will be plenty of room to sit and enjoy South Lake Union and the Skyline of Downtown, so bring a blanket for you and your little one. Sunglasses and sunscreen will be great to have on hand!

The first 30 guests to register will be given a Swag Bag courtesy of our generous donors. At 10:15am, we’ll start gathering moms together in one group to prep and count down for the Big Latch On at 10:30am. We’ll breastfeed for 1 minute with our photographer going around to document the event and a count of our group will be done.

Afterwards, we’ll have four Raffle Baskets to raffle off to lucky mamas!

How to Participate in Our Downtown Seattle Big Latch On

 Latch on Participant: seattle big latch on Are you a Breastfeeding or Pumping Parent with a nursling? Let us know to expect you and recieve a free swag bag by Pre-Registering Here! Then all you have to do is show up the day of and check in!
 As a Volunteer:Breastfeeding World presents Central Indiana's Big Latch On, Central Indiana's Big latch on, Volunteers, breastfeeding event, global latch on Everyone at Breastfeeding World volunteers our time and love because of our passion for the breastfeeding community. Interested in helping make this event possible? Please email Betty Cortes at

Did I tell you about our amazing donors & contributors who are donating to your Swag Bags and Giveaways?

Breastfeeding World is a Volunteer run, self-funded and non-profit organization. We rely on donations like those from our sponsors to make event’s like the Downtown Seattle Big Latch On Possible! Supporting their businesses is a great way to let them know you think we are a great cause!

Not only will the first 30 Moms who register for our Seattle Big Latch On receive an amazing Swag Bag filled with Goodies from WHO compliant businesses, but we also will have several Incredible Raffle Baskets to give away! Follow our EVENT PAGE to find out more about what you’ll find!

Kindred Bravely

Kindred Bravely, Breastfeeding World's Big Latch On Contributor, nursing bra review
Read our Review of their line, here!

As a nursing mom, Deeanne Akerson struggled to find comfortable clothes that were both functional and stylish. “Everything fell into one of two categories: pretty but hopelessly impractical or super ugly but functional.” Since necessity really is the mother of invention, Deeanne got to work designing her own line of maternity and nursing clothes. Her brainchild, Kindred Bravely, devotes itself to making life easier for pregnant and nursing moms.

Perhaps more important than her clothing is Deeanne’s mission to build a community of moms who support and celebrate each other. In fact, she chose the name Kindred Bravely to represent sisterhood of moms and the courage it takes to raise a child. “As moms, we’ve got to stick together. We’re family now. We have the same struggles and the same desires.”

Behind the scenes, Kindred Bravely employees, most of them work-at-home-moms, help share Deeanne’s mission and values: be grateful, be generous, be brave, be encouraging. Along with delivering top-of-the-line clothing, the “Kindred BraveMoms” provide incredible customer service, share quality content, and engage with social media communities.

Baltic Essentials

Baltic Essentials -Amber & Hazelwood is one of our sponsors this year! They have provided enough Baltic Essentials Amber for a FREE Baltic Amber necklace for every mom at the event!! Baltic Amber is an organic, safe, 100% guaranteed way to safely treat your babies teething pain, fever, common cold, red cheeks, and droll! Babies are PAIN FREE in just 30 minutes! And they have mom & dad versions too for all of your aches and pains! Migraines, Back Pain, Sciatica, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel & more! Get yours so you both will have one during the even! Use coupon FIRSTTIME to save 20%. And then show them some love! Tag @BalticEssentials on all of your amber posts!

I can’t Wait to meet you at our First Ever Downtown Seattle Big Latch On


Betty Rose

Betty Rose

Betty Rose is a writer and the voice behind the #MomLife Column. Born and raised on the Pacific Island of Guam, she now resides in Seattle, Washington. After having her first child, she began sharing her new role as a Chamorro mother living in the stats and continues to contribute feature stories of Pacific Island communities in other publications. She embraces the diversity, the struggles of motherhood and hopes that, through her writing, she can break and bring awareness to the barriers set on minority communities across the world.
Betty Rose

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