My husband and I embarked on a terrifying journey this weekend… flying with our 7-month-old son to Atlanta to attend a wedding!  I originally intended on researching and writing about breastfeeding laws across the U.S. to help nursing mamas prepare for travel this week but ended up having a reoccurring theme while preparing for this trip that I could not ignore (but stay tuned in the next few weeks because I still plan on writing about breastfeeding laws!).

The logistics of our travel ended up going better than I had hoped.  My son was eager to nurse during take off and landing, he slept the majority of the time in the air, and baby wearing made navigating the airport a breeze… all in all, my son did great and we arrived in Atlanta relatively unscathed!

My main struggle on this trip was not a crying baby on a plane, but a wardrobe lacking in formal options that have easy nursing access.

Finding nursing friendly clothing options… an easy task? Not!

Since giving birth to my son, the majority of my day-to-day outfits consist of yoga pants and a nursing tank.  I have worn a dress MAYBE twice in the past seven months, and both of those times were when I was out without my son.  If a dress does not have the right cut, it can be nearly impossible to breastfeed in without taking the whole dress off!

So I knew exactly what style of dress I was looking for when I began shopping: one with easy boob access that didn’t cost an arm and a leg (X2 since I needed one for both the rehearsal dinner and the wedding).  What I thought would be a quick trip to Ross ended up being a two week, three city wide shopping journey.

I currently live in a small town with limited shopping options, but I covered all the bases here first… and I came up empty-handed.  I did not find a single dress that I could easily breastfeed in!  The next town over has a bigger mall so I checked out all the major stores there.  While I didn’t find anything that was obviously breastfeeding friendly, I did find a dress that I was able to alter to meet my needs.

Nursing Friendly Dress

I have seen a lot of dresses in this style lately and figured that I should be able to cut two small holes for breastfeeding access and have the flap of extra fabric cover them. I added stitches around the holes to try to keep them from tearing further.

Altered Dress

Altered Dress 2
I am by no means a seamstress, so don’t judge my final product!

Now after my functional Pinterest-fail was complete, I still needed a second dress.  This time I drove two and a half hours to my hometown of San Antonio, Texas and SCOURED the malls!  I found that the majority of dresses in style right now have a swoop-neck style, rather than the deep V needed for easy breastfeeding access.  After a full day of shopping and coming up empty-handed, I returned to my in-laws’ house and shopped at my sister-in-law’s closet.  Luckily she had a dress that met my needs (and even matched my Sakura Bloom ring sling)!

Babywearing at a Wedding

While I ended up being essentially unsuccessful in my search for a formal dress with easy breastfeeding access, my eyes were opened to the struggle many women face in dressing stylish, while still having functional pieces that will allow easy nursing.  I have decided to start taking the (baby)-steps to creating a nursing-friendly wardrobe that consists of more than t-shirts and yoga pants.  I’ll check back in a few weeks and will hopefully have some progress to show!

We love hearing from you! What are your go-to, breastfeeding-friendly pieces in your wardrobe?

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