A-Father-Thoughts-Breastfeeding-World-3Sharing this article is super exciting for us but first let us tell you more about our guest author. We reached out to Danny after seeing his amazing babywearing pictures on his Instagram account: @DannyTheBabywearingDad. He is a babywearing advocate who loves sharing his passion in social media. We knew we had to have him share with us some valuable thoughts for all of our readers so we asked him:

Breastfeeding, has it ruined your bond as a father?

First off I want to say that breastfeeding is so beautiful and I want to send major love to everyone who partakes in it.

Being a father, at the very beginning I was a little nervous about how it may take away from the time with my daughter, Luna. Not only was I wrong but I became more passionate about my support towards it. Breastfeeding takes 0% out of the bond that I have with my child. The only way your bond can lose strength is if you allow it.


My wife has been nursing my little one for two entire years, every single day and she has my full support. Breast milk is so amazing and not only does it make a mother and child have a great bond, it also nourishes the child. I mean, it can even help cure ear infections! I always refer breastmilk as liquid gold because that’s exactly what it is.

Nothing matters more to me than the health of my family, and breastmilk really helps out in that department. As my wife nurses I’m usually always around and close to her so in a sense I’m a big part of breastfeeding my child also. I show support by rubbing my child’s back, and I love to rub my wife’s back as she nurses our child as well. This shows my daughter that even though I can’t physically nurse her I’m still a part of the process.

A-Father-Thoughts-Breastfeeding-World-2For you fathers or mothers out there that may think breastfeeding may hurt your bond I hope this really can help you out and reassure you that everything will be just fine, breastfeeding will not diminish your bond with your child. You create your own bond and nothing can stop you. Not breastfeeding, Not pumping, Not anything.

Men and women can always help by being right next to their partners when the other is doing something. Support is fundamental and that is worth a ton to your partner. Trust me. Breastfeeding has impacted me in such a way that I try to publicly support and advocate for it every chance I get. It’s so powerful and natural. I see absolutely NOTHING wrong with breastfeeding your child. Breastfeed on world! 


“As a man, Husband and Dad I was on edge when my wife decided to breastfeed our child. I was afraid that I would have to lash out at anyone who side eyed her or said something disrespectful. Now I feel comfortable and have zero fear. It disgusts me that we have to normalize something that is pure and so NORMAL! The ones who have something negative to say need to normalize their brains and get with the fuxking program. Breastfeeding is amazing. Breastfeeding is life. This is a bond between a Queen and her children. If you want to stare and point a finger make sure it’s in a mirror because you are the problem. This is what love looks like. I will forever support breastfeeding. I will forever support women. I will forever support mothers. I hope you will too.” – Danny the Babywearing Dad.


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