Month: September 2015

Dear Growth Spurt

growth spurt, breastfeeding world, child development, child growth, newborn, breastfeeding, breastmilk

Dear Growth Spurt, You are wonderful. You show me my baby is growing. Every time you visit, he has learned something new, grown a little more, and eats a little further in between. Nothing makes my heart grow more than watching my kids after you have come around. I also kind of hate you. When […]

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Sharing The Love: Milk Donation

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The other day, while I was pumping, it really hit me that my daughter is over three months old. It has been three months since she has come into our lives, three months since she has made our family more beautiful and more full of love, and three months since I started breastfeeding, pumping, and […]

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Demoted Due To Pregnancy: “You’re Going To Be Stupid”

pregnancy, demoted due to pregnancy, breastfeeding world, demoted

Excited, nervous, worried, happy, scared…. These are just a few of the emotions most women, especially first time moms like myself, feel when they find out they are expecting. Am I ready? Am I capable? Am I financially stable? Am I healthy?… These are again just a few of the many questions that go through a women’s head. […]

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New Babies and Marriage

Everyone knows that having a new baby is quite an adjustment, regardless of your circumstances. Even the luckiest ladies with the easiest births, most cooperative babies and happiest families will face challenges at some point. One looming question though, in the days leading to the birth of my son was, “How will my marriage be […]

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7 Ways to Support your Nursing Wife

7 ways to support your nursing wife, breastfeeding support, breastfeeding world, men and breastfeeding, how to support your breastfeeding wife

She has carried your child for 9 months, now is the time we can show our gratitude! 1.Be present (understanding, kind, sensitive): Breastfeeding is no joke! There are so many different issues and complications you may not be aware of. Mastitis, thrush, engorgement, if you haven’t heard of these things do the research and understand […]

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