First, I just wanted to share something very exciting that my fellow nursing mommies will understand. Charlee and I celebrated 3 months of exclusively breastfeeding and I could not be more proud of both of us.

3 months
3 months

If you are like me, you cringe at the thought of buying full new wardrobes. There comes a point where maternity clothes, at least shirts in my case, are a must. I stretched my clothes, literally and figuratively, as long as I could before I bought maternity, but the day did come where we had to drop some dollars on belly allowing apparel.

It breaks my heart to see my favorite outfits collecting dust, so when it came to nursing, I was determined to incorporate my beloved pieces, continue to shop at my favorite stores and still be me!

Shopping in our own closets: Breastfeeding Friendly Clothes!

I really want to talk about shopping in our own closets! We have all spent a pretty penny to get to this point, with all the baby gear, maternity clothes, eating out (because let’s be real who is cooking when they are big pregnant or right after they give birth) and much more. The last place I wanted to spend money was on myself for clothes that I have a closet full of. As I looked in my closet, I realized so much of what I already had worked well for nursing. With a little creativity and trial and error, my closet became full of “nursing” outfits.

Finding a bra was one area that I believed that I would be in for a challenge. Typically I buy bras from Victoria’s Secret. I am pretty attached to my type of bra, as I am sure you ladies understand, when you find something you love, you tend to stick with it and the thought of having to try something else is pretty upsetting. I was surprised to find that Victoria’s Secret made my favorite bra in a front closure (HEAVEN), which would be so perfect for nursing. Between the front closure awesomeness and You! Lingerie, I found myself excitedly satisfied with my nursing bra collection. If you are nursing and you have not yet heard of You! Lingerie, I suggest you drop everything (except your baby) and sprint to your computer. I love my nursing bras from them; they are comfortable, adorable and function more closely to a regular bra in regards to support.

On to my closet! I love flowing tank tops, v-neck tees, dolman tops, cardigans, cozy sweaters, on and on. Since, my favorite season is on its way, I wanted to touch on some fall friendly outfits that are easy for breastfeeding.

I love me some cardigans. A tank top underneath all different types of cardigans are cute and easy for breastfeeding. Accessories, like scarves, are a great add on, of course for the look, but also to help cover the breast without having to struggle with a cover over you and baby.

V-neck tees are also great for easy breastfeeding. They are adorable, simple and comfortable. Also adding a scarf is perfect for that little bit of extra modesty.

Dolman tops are perfect for the “two-shirt method”. I am sure you have heard time and time again about the two-shirt method, it is personally one of my favorites. Dolman tops make the two-shirt method less arbitrary; this is an outfit that you would wear without nursing, with the added bonus that is perfect for discreet nursing.

These are my two favorite sweaters. I am all about the sweaters! I love that they work so well for nursing, it is perfect for that chilly fall weather. The great thing about sweaters, they will either follow the v-neck rule or they will easily fit into the two-shirt method. It is easy to tailor how you wear a sweater with the weather, how modest you want to be, or dressing up or down.

Personally, I found the most difficulty in dressing for parties that required something a little more on the fancy side. This dress is definitely my go-to for swankier occasions. When I need to shop for more dresses, I will be sure to keep this style, as well as, halter and sweetheart necklines in mind.

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breastfeeding friendly clothes, breastfeeding fashion, breastfeeding clothes, nursing tops, breastfeeding world, breastfeeding, breast milk,


It is not always easy to dress for nursing, or finding breastfeeding friendly clothes, but it is a fun little challenge to make your closet into a nursing friendly closet. We’d love to hear from you, what do you wear for nursing your little one?

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