Yes, we are doing it again!  

It pleases me to announce that this year Breastfeeding World will be uniting efforts once again with the Global Latch On and we will be hosting our Second Annual NYC Big Latch On!

This year Alexia Garcia (Founder of the Breastfeeding World community & photo project) will once again be working with her amazing friend and fellow dreamer Lisa Maloney  (volunteer coordinator for Breastfeeding World events) as well as the rest of the Breastfeeding World’s team: Samantha Sykula (BFW Editor) and Christian Garcia  to ensure we bring you the best peer-to-peer event possible in New York City. 

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On 2015 with only one month of planning we managed to have a great success in our first iconic NYC Big Latch On.  We gathered 76 nursing moms and over 100 breastfeeding supporters who came together to celebrate breastfeeding in none other than the traditional Times Square.

The Global Big Latch On takes place annually over two days during World Breastfeeding Week (1st – 7th August). As a worldwide peer support and community development event, it aims to strengthen national and global support for breastfeeding and to improve the health of children and women around the world. The first year it took place was in 2010, two countries participated in it and had 2,045 babies latched. On 2015, 28 countries participated and together we managed to break the record having 14,889 babies latched.

How does the Big Latch work?

It’s pretty simple and so much fun. At 10:30 am local time women all around the world simultaneously nurse their little ones for one whole minute aiming to help promote breastfeeding around the world.

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Why did Breastfeeding World choose to stay in Times Square?

Two very simple reasons…

  • Times Square is the heart of NYC, the heart of the Big Apple. Last year, our NYC moms took over Times Square and they loved it. We decided we couldn’t take our iconic  and historic event and “after coffee” (you’ll know more about that soon) away from the city. So get ready because this year we will be momentous! Together we will be making a difference in our community.
  • Breastfeeding World is not affiliated with any political entity. We kindly thank all the efforts that Borough Hall presidents have done to help promote and normalize breastfeeding but we prefer to keep our event politics-free. Our goal is to serve our community of mothers by educating, offering support and creating an atmosphere where they can all feel welcomed and cared for. Breastfeeding World is an initiative that has quickly developed into an online community, from moms to moms and we wish to keep it that way.


I’d love to join and be apart of Breastfeeding World’s second annual NYC Big Latch On, how can I do it?

First thing you need to know: you DON’t need to be a breastfeeding mom to be able to join us, if you are a breastfeeding supporter then we want you with us too!

You can be a part of this year’s iconic event by participating in the actual latch or by being part of our amazing volunteer group.

Nursing mama? You can register to be a NYC Big Latch On participant HERE and make sure you mark it on your calendars!

Volunteer? You can sign up to be a part of the Breastfeeding World volunteer team for this 2016  NYC Big Latch On and help us make a difference in our community HERE.

Important Disclaimer: On April 1st on our Facebook Page we announced we were working with Lisa Maloney and our volunteer from last years event, Kiki Valentine, organizing the Brooklyn Big Latch On. Kiki has parted ways from the Breastfeeding World’s group of volunteers and we wish her all the very best, we loved working with Kiki and will be missing her dearly but we are super happy to have inspired her to have her own event. Breastfeeding World is no longer participating nor affiliated in any way with the Brooklyn Big Latch On nor with Brooklyn’s Borough Hall. We wish them the very best!

Be sure to join us in our social media accounts to be up to date with the progress of our project!

And… don’t forget to share your brelfies using our HT #breastfeedingworld







A photography project founded in late 2014 by Alexia Garcia, photographer a Alegares Photography. Breastfeeding World aims to promote breastfeeding and encourage new moms to nurse their babies through the art of photography and story telling.

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