Breastfeeding Isn’t Easy

When Nursing Isn't Easy, Find Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is one of the most natural, beautiful acts our bodies can perform. We create “liquid gold” to provide our babies with the most perfect food. But what happens when it doesn’t come naturally? What about the mothers who struggle to get their newborn to latch? For many women, finding breastfeeding support and establishing a solid breastfeeding relationship is very hard. A baby may not latch properly, the pain might be unbearable, or the lack of sleep alone can make a woman feel discouraged.

According to La Leche League USA (2016) only 18% of babies are still exclusively breastfed at 6 months of age. As a breastfeeding mother, this statistic makes me sad!

Why are women giving up breastfeeding so early?

When Nursing Isn't Easy, Find Breastfeeding Support

Mothers can face numerous challenges when establishing a breastfeeding relationship. From improper latch to the desperate need for sleep, one thing is for certain…they need breastfeeding SUPPORT. Partners, friends, family and employers play an essential role in a mother’s breastfeeding journey. Words of encouragement and a listening ear can work wonders when a woman is struggling. She needs to feel comfortable at work in order to continue pumping, and have a clean and private space.


Mothers should also take advantage of other resources available.

Lactation consultants can help identify any occurring issues and create an action plan. Many hospitals have breastfeeding support groups. La Leche League has local chapters with meet-ups, and plenty of experienced mothers who can offer support and advice.

When Nursing Isn’t Easy, Find Breastfeeding Support

Perhaps if more women have breastfeeding support and feel informed when they begin breastfeeding, they will nurse their babies longer. It’s the healthiest and cheapest option, and the bond between a nursing mother and her baby is priceless.

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Gloria Brooks

I was born and raised in New Jersey, but now live in Tampa,FL with my husband David and 2 babies, Noah (2) and Cecelia (3 months). I went to the University of Florida to study special education and I'm currently an Autism teacher in Tampa.I'm currently extending my maternity leave to be home with my babies, and will return to teaching in January. Being a full time mommy right now is the most wonderful (and exhausting!) job in the world.

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