Dear Rearview Mirror,

I just want to say thank you. I feel blessed to have you in my life.

You see, you give me views that I’ll always remember.

You and I will share some of the most precious memories, photographed in my mind and in my heart. I never knew how much meaning you held in my life until today. As I waited in line to drop my daughter off at preschool, it was you I looked into, and caught view of a picture-perfect moment. As I glanced back into you, there I saw them.

My daughter and son holding hands.

Wathing My children grow through the rearview mirror
No prompting, just the love of my baby girl and my baby boy, being in the moment, full of love for one another.

It got me thinking about when my wife and I  brought our then days-old baby girl home for the first time. As I drove barely the speed limit home, I looked into you as that little girl’s face reflected into the back seat mirror and back at me. She was sleeping cozy. A memory that will forever live in my heart.Watching My Children Grow Through the Rearview Mirror, a Father's Perspective

Then there was that time I looked into you and watched a new mother sit beside her crying baby girl to help calm her, and speak to her softly.

Then, Rearview Mirror, you were there to see our little family grow to a family of four.

Next, I looked into you and a little baby boy appeared. Over time, I know I’ll see a lot through you.

Watching My Children Grow Through the Rear-View Mirror, A Father's Perspective

The sibling fights, crying tears, the melt downs, new friends, laughter. Car seats will disappear, toddler will change to teenagers, teenagers into young adults.

There will come a time in my life when I will look into you, but I won’t see my two little babies holding hands with each other. There will only be echoes of brother and sister giggles. Those visions will no longer come through the rearview mirror, but through my memory. Then they will come with my eyes shut and my heart open.

Watching My Children Grow Through the Rearview Mirror- A Father's View

"Watching Your Children Grow Through my Rearview Mirror, a Father's View

So some may say you are just a mirror. But to me, you are a gateway to a piece of my heart.

Todd Lewis is Our Guest Author this week.

He is the husband of Breastfeeding World’s writer and editor, Lauren Lewis. Todd is also the father of two amazing kiddos who capture his heart. Todd enjoys vacationing with his family and Colts Football. Originally, he wrote this as a Facebook Post, but it was so beautiful, his wife encouraged him to let her share it.


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