Let’s face it. Not all moms are blessed with the ability to be a SAHM or WAHM. When we realized I would not be able to stay at home after the baby, we had to make the decision to look for a daycare provider. We were blessed when we found an at home daycare. I compiled this list to take with us to interview different facilities and providers. I have tailored it to work with an “attached parenting” style. You can always narrow this list down to fit your needs, but we find that this list asks the questions we need to know most:

“Are you going to take care of my child as if you were me?”

New Daycare Provider Questions

  •       Licensed?
  •       Do you know CPR?
  •       Vegan diet/ food allergy friendly (separate eating area)
  •       Handles and warms breastmilk properly
  •       Any specific supplies we need to provide?
  •       Do you drive around with the children?
  •       Do you keep any other children? If so, how many?
  •       How and when do you bill us?
  •       How much? (Sibling discount?)
  •       Do we pay when children are sick, not there, vacation?
  •       Do you require days off? What days?
  •       How far in advance can you notify us?
  •       Holidays in Advance?
  •       Will you notify us if our kids are sick?
  •       Do you keep other kids when they are sick?
  •       Are your drop off and pickup times flexible?
  •       Will you give us a daily report on our kids? Times they eat? Nap times?
  •       What do you do for time out?
  •       Do you allow them to “cry it out”?
  •       What activities do you do during the day?
  •       What is a typical day for you all? Flow?
  •       Is your house child proof? (Cabinet locks, appropriate toys, baby gates, plug         covers?)
  •       Do you allow smoking inside the home?
  •       Do you allow TV? What will they watch? How long?
  •       Outside play? Is backyard fenced in and appropriate for kids to play in?
  •       Do you clean toys often?
  •       Are there animals? Are they good with kids?
  •       Where will Laila and Daisy sleep? ( Daisy sleeps elevated on her back because of Laryingo Malaysia)
  •       Do you have a disaster plan? (In case of tornado/earthquakes/flood?)
  •       May we show up unannounced?
  •       What do you like most about running an in-home childcare facility? Least?
  •       Do you have any references of children that you have kept previously?


Happy daycare provider hunting and remember, you are not any less of a parent for having to go back to work. You are amazing and your child will be cared for no matter what! 

Do you have any additional questions you think we should add to the list of daycare provider questions? Comment below! We’d love to hear from you!

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