I didn’t chose the crunchy life, the crunchy life chose me.

Breastfeeding was my gateway drug. It seemed the most natural thing in the world, to go from providing my daughter everything she needed to thrive in the womb, to provide her from my body what she needed to thrive once out of the womb.


I am an avid reader. When something is important to me, I want to make the best educated decision possible. I read EVERYTHING on the subject and then mold that information to that lifestyle. I already knew I wanted to breastfeed. Reading all the advantages and health benefits helped me persevere through those tough beginning weeks in our nursing relationship, with both our children. I am proud to have worked so hard in order to provide my babies with the best nourishment possible. Bonus- so much cheaper than formula.

I love staring at this face while we are nursing
I love staring at this face while we are nursing

So when my little Imp hit 6 months and it was time to introduce solids, I decided to delve into making my own Baby food. Not only is it cheaper (see a theme here?), but better for baby! Fresh, not canned, processed, chemical laden. Only the best nourishment for my baby!

After all, she’s had such nourishing sustenance so far…

Posted with permission from my friend Kate
Posted with permission from my friend Kate

From there it was the cloth diapering- because if I’m avoiding chemicals in food, surely diapers are the healthiest way to go. The modern diapers of today are nothing like the rubber pants and prefolds of our grandparents time. They are adorable. Ridiculously adorable for poop catchers. My little guy has one covered in baby wearing and breastfeeding emblems. Swoon. I have a total addiction to All things fluff.


Again, we save So. Much. Money. So much so that when I became pregnant with number two, I explained to my panicking hubby- look, what are the big expenses for the first few years of babydom? Daycare, diapers, formula.

All taken care of.

Now that’s a ship even The Hubster can get on board with.


And then I discovered coconut oil! Coconut oil and breastmilk can fix anything!

Baby acne? Gone

Cradle cap? Gone

Dry skin? Eczema? Diaper rash? Not for my babies!
I have little ramekins of this stuff all over my house, ready to go.

Then came the baby wearing, then attachment parenting… Each thing leading to another in the most organic way possible. It just made sense for me and my kids. It saved our family money. It was healthiest. I just simply enjoy it, all of it.


I believe the term “crunchy” was coined for the “hippie, granola munching” parenting style. I’m not quite all the way there (yet). I eat organic only when it’s affordable. I don’t recycle *hangs head in shame*. I’ve never had kale and I cringe in horror at the thought of Mama cloth. I delivered both my babies in a hospital, with an epidural. Oh thank you sweet baby Jesus for that epidural (and a huge kudos to any mom who has labored naturally)!

So really I’m probably more the instant oatmeal of crunchy granola moms.

One thing is for certain, I do enjoy this line of natural parenting, and I owe it all to breastfeeding.

How did your breastfeeding relationship change you as a parent? I know I am not the parent I first envisioned, but I like where it’s taken me. What are your thoughts on natural, crunchy parenting? Is it coming back full circle, or simply trendy?

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