Gender Reveal’s are so exciting! Emily Anderson discusses the difference in cultures between the US and Australia in regards to Gender Reveal Parties.

I hope everyone had nice Thanksgiving feasts!

As a pregnant mom, I definitely indulged!

In my previous blog, I wrote all about finding the right place for me and my baby to give birth and be cared for. My first trimester this time around was definitely a more stressful time. Not only am I keeping up with my 19 month old daughter, but I did much more research on insurance policies over here in the US.

That being said, getting into the second trimester has been wonderful!

Pregnancy in the US vs Australia, and Gender Reveal Fun!

I have more energy. I’ve found my birth center of choice. My daughter will begin a morning preschool program after Thanksgiving- and soon enough we all get to find out the gender of our new family addition!

This leads me to my blog topic for this week – Gender Reveal Parties!

During my first pregnancy in Sydney, Australia, I was really excited to do a Gender Reveal Party. I created Pinterest boards, with gorgeous photos and creative ideas on different reveals.

At our 20 week ultrasound, the technician put the gender in an envelope I provided. I was so excited! I hurried to a nearby bakery, and asked them about doing a “gender reveal” cake. To my surprise, they looked totally lost and confused. I went to a second bakery – same confused looks on their faces. I went to a third bakery – and once again, they had never heard of a gender reveal party. So they, too, couldn’t make a pink or blue surprise cake for me.

The fact didn’t occur to me that Gender Reveal parties hadn’t reached around world from the US. I asked around to some of my girlfriends who were Australian. They never heard of it, either. Next I surveyed a few of my local mom friends, and discovered several wanted to discover the gender at birth! However the majority of the mothers I spoke with simply found out the gender at their doctor’s.

I realized that culturally speaking, the need to celebrate a gender reveal is truly an American trait – and one that I love!

So, even though I couldn’t organize a big party in Sydney, I did make it a special surprise for my husband and I. I found a little shop that makes custom ornaments- they would write whatever you liked on them. It took some lengthy explaining, but eventually the artists understood and they made a beautiful ornament. Next, they wrapped up nicely, and we opened it together on Christmas day. I remember shouting, “It’s PINK! It’s PINK!” and getting so excited!

Pregnancy in the US vs Australia, and Gender Reveal Fun!
Got our idea for an ornament surprise from this picture on Pinterest!

Two years later, once again I am headed to the birth center for that special secret envelope.

However, this time around is so different! Not only do I not have to wait until the 20 week scan, but I have American friends jumping to throw me my gender reveal party! It really makes the second trimester so much fun when you get to plan a party with your friends. So, all my pinning on Pinterest will not go to waste!

More recently, I have seen some of my friends in Sydney doing gender reveal parties. Perhaps the idea is circulating the globe now. However I am still grateful that I am back in my home country for my second birth. I love how every detail is exciting for Americans. I love how creative and we are together, and that I can include my friends in this special time.

Whether you find out immediately or wait until the end, it’s definitely nice to have traditions and see what other countries and cultures do to celebrate. Now we are just waiting one more month to find out what Santa has in his gift bag for us! What do you think? Boy or Girl?

Find out in my next blog!

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