Yeih! It’s that time of year again, August is here and that means that World Breastfeeding Week is also here. Isn’t that exciting? 
For those of you that don’t know… during this week and month cities around the world unite in celebrating breastfeeding within their communities with events geared towards creating awareness and promoting all the benefits that breastmilk has to offer for babies as well as mothers. 
Events such as the Global Big Latch On (which we will host in NYC this year), family fairs, subway caravans (in New York City) and many more aim to reach out to new moms that might be struggling with their breastfeeding journey and help them in one way or the other. 
This year’s World Breastfeeding Week theme is focused on working women that combine breastfeeding and work. The main goal is to empower and support all working mothers to be able to adequately merge their professional development with child-rearing. As well as achieving the ratification and implementation of maternity protection laws and regulations by governments.
Here in Breastfeeding World we decided that we wanted to do something special during this first week of August and since our main form of expression is through the art of photography we decided to do a beautiful photo session! We have an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G shot that we will share with the world tomorrow August 1st to kick off World Breastfeeding Week. 
In the mean time I’ll leave you all with a preview so that you can get to meet these amazing moms and wee ones that were part of our most recent photoshoot for NYC’s Breastfeeding World. We are also organizing a celebration at Good Morning America, read more about it and RSVP here!
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Photo taken by Alexia Garcia – Alegares Photography

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Alexia Garcia
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Alexia Garcia

Photographer at Alegares Photography
I'm a proud mom to a beautiful little girl who is the reason of all my smiles | Creator and founder of the Breastfeeding World Project - passionate about normalizing breastfeeding | Professional photographer serving New York City
Alexia Garcia
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