Month: May 2016

Feeding Skill Development

Adapted from “Development of Feeding Progression,” by Erin Sundseth Ross, from Pediatric Feeding Disorders: Evaluation and Treatment (2012). While most people could tell you that babies typically start eating solids around 6 months, few understand why. Just like other areas of child development, oral feeding follows a typical progression of skills. Prenatal: Developing babies start […]

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Influence of Grandmothers on Breastfeeding Rates

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Most new moms do not need to be told how important their relationship with their own mother (or other maternal figure) is as they embark on this new stage of life. But in April 2016 authors Joel Negin, Jenna Coffman, Pavle Vizintin and Camille Rayes-Greenow published a research literature review demonstrating the significant impact grandmothers […]

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Guest Post: Post-partum Hair Loss

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Sharing this article is super exciting for us but first let us tell you more about our guest author. We reached out to Andrea after seeing her lovely pro-breastfeeding pictures on her Instagram account: @andreachecketts. She is a cosmetologist turned nursing student with a strong passion for education. She has a long in which she educates mother day moms/women on […]

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Speech-Language Pathologists as Breastfeeding Supporters

During my graduate study in speech-language pathology, I simultaneously had the opportunity to study at the University of North Carolina’s Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute. As an alumna of the Mary Rose Tully Training Initiative, being certified as an IBCLC has impacted my clinical practice as an SLP for the better as I’ve worked to help […]

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Stop Comparing Kids; Meeting That Milestone

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The Sometimes Elusive Milestone Baby Lincoln just turned one. A swath of light hair covers his head, making his steel-blue eyes pop. His flirtatious smile charms everyone he meets.  He is strong-willed, handsome, intelligent, and funny. He gets everywhere he needs to go, following around his brother and sister. His doctor said his is perfectly healthy and appropriate. He has […]

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