Hi there! First of all, thanks for visiting our project’s website. Let me tell you a little more about what this is all about….

Breastfeeding World is a project in which, through the art of photography, we aim to showcase the beauty and essence of breastfeeding through outstanding images. But this project is more than that! it is also an statement to help promote the fact that breastfeeding is natural and that it is legal to nurse babies and toddlers in public. But  wait, it is even more than that! It has been the perfect opportunity for moms that participated in our project to share with others the struggles they might have faced when they began breastfeeding and how they overcame them providing a support network for women all around the world. 

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“Spreading the Breastfeeding Love”

Nowadays many women are still uninformed of the great benefits of breastfeeding their little ones, some women try to do so but get lost in the process since they can’t find the support they need, some are so overwhelmed by motherhood itself that they give up on it all together and some women due to medical reasons are informed that it would be best to quit nursing their babies. Because of all these facts our main goal from start has been to encourage new moms and moms-to-be to overcome their fears and to nurse away.

We have had the opportunity to get to know and to photograph some lovely mothers with great testimonies ranging from being diagnosed with cancer to having been discriminated for breastfeeding in public, all these wonderful women had one objective in their minds: providing the very best for their babies, and they – against all odds – went for it and have succeeded so far!

Breastfeeding World is not just a one time project, our intention is to be able to spread to other cities in the United States as well as other cities around the world and through the beautiful craft of photography to reach and encourage many other women/moms around the globe. 

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3 Comments on What is NYC’s Breastfeeding World Project?

  1. Hong wu
    August 2, 2015 at 9:46 PM (2 years ago)


    I’m so happy to find you! I breastfed my baby till she’s almost 15mo and I was super proud of my accplishment! However, this would not have happened if my company, PVH, had not been providing the space and the privacy all the nursing moms need during work hours.

    I am wondering whether your team is avocating companies providing appropriate spaces to support the needs of nursing moms. If yes, would you please provide more detail? I am just frustrated to hear stories from my friends of how unsupportive and ignorant their company are.

    I wish I had found you earlier but it’s never too late.

    Thank you for doing this!


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