The Tree of Life Movement

The normalize breastfeeding campaign has extended and reached far beyond what many could have imagined. Over time, it has grown and transformed into a movement that countless mothers have become a part of. Now, we welcome, The Tree of Life. Mothers from around the world have taken to social media with their beautifully edited images, showcasing their breastfeeding photos overlaid with the tree of life. These images have taken #normalizebreastfeeding by storm.

Keep reading for instructions on how to create your own Tree of Life image!

Why the Tree of Life?

The Tree of Life is so much more than a beautiful image, it is more than a clever depiction of the scientific view of the mammary blood vessels. The Tree of Life is a mystical and magical symbol that has transcended time, cultures and religions. It is called by many names, but all with a similar symbolic significance, it is the source of life.


The roots are profoundly embedded within us, to deliver us the aptitude to give our children a piece of who we are. The trunk establishes a foundation, the connection between our children and us. Our bond is passionate, it is powerful. The branches reach out for sustenance, to provide nourishment from that thoughtful, unfathomable place within ourselves. With that, they are the fruit, the piece of us that we have given to the world. There is a further power that we bestow onto them, a sense of themselves. They have the freedom to be the bird fleetingly landing on that tree, so they may, one-day, place roots of their own.

Just like the Tree of Life, each photo holds a special meaning to the mother who created this bond. This mother laid the roots, built the trunk, spread her branches so her child may be given to the world.

Do you want to create your own Tree of Life image?

Here’s how!

  • Download the picsart app.
  • Google “transparent tree”, “transparent tree with roots”, “tree of roots” etc. choose a tree that you like and save the tree to your phone.
  • Upload the breastfeeding image that you would like to edit.
  • Scroll over to “add photo” on the bottom of the screen.
  • For an image with a white background, click “blend” then select “multiply”. If the background doesn’t remove, choose another image. For an image that is already transparent (which is ideal), click “blend” then “overlay”.
  • Manipulate your tree until it encompasses your breast and baby’s head. Make the image bigger, smaller, rotate, play until you get a look that you’re happy with.
  • You can edit and crop pieces of the tree with the eraser tool on the top of the screen.
  • When you are happy with the placement, now comes the magic!
  • Click the “magic” button and choose a filter that you like. You can use multiple filters by clicking apply and then returning back into the “magic” menu to choose another filter.

Join us with #BFWtreeoflife

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Samantha Sykula
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