The Big Day

With the rain looming overhead, we hunkered down and packed the car full of this year’s hard work for New York City’s Third Annual Big Latch On. Despite the weather, which thankfully cleared up in time for our latch and picnic, we watched as an incredible group of families gathered before the red TKTS steps to make history again. Every year, we are blown away by the support and love we feel at Breastfeeding World’s Big Latch On.

And this year, was one for the record in support. With over 223 breastfeeding supporters, the diversity of our families was incredible. Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, siblings, cousins, all came together to support the breastfeeding mother in their life. It was that moment that I thought to myself, this is what it is about. THIS is normalizing breastfeeding. Over the years, we have watched as our attendees go from mother and baby, to whole families and it brings tears to my eyes.

76 babies latched with love in Times Square on August 5th 2017

Why is normalizing breastfeeding so important?

Normalizing breastfeeding is so much more than breastfeeding. It is about motherhood, about our choices as a family in how we care for our children. Normalizing breastfeeding provides support to all mothers in how they choose to feed their child. Whether that be through generational knowledge, lactation consultants, properly educated medical professionals and so much more. No mother should face this journey alone, as it is the most difficult and yet most rewarding thing we do in our lives. Any way in which you feed your child is normal, because it is your normal. That is what normalizing breastfeeding is all about. 

How Does the Global Big Latch on & Breastfeeding World help normalize breastfeeding?

First, the more breastfeeding is seen in day to day life, the more normal it becomes. The Global Big Latch On works to do just that. This year, the Global Big Latch On registered 725 locations across 23 countries. That is a tremendous impact around the world, uniting families across the globe for one whole minute.

17,790 children breastfed during the one-minute count

18,036 breastfeeding women attended

Breastfeeding World participates in the Global Big Latch On, for that unity. To bring mothers in our local community, and across the country, together in unison in the name of motherhood and breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding can be hard, motherhood can be hard, and we all should have the support we crave! But, we don’t just stop there. Throughout the year, we connect mothers with the information they need to be successful in their personal breastfeeding goals. We work to provide the network that we all need to recognize as many of the struggles of feeding as a new mother can, and get her to the point of comfort, love and bonding. 

How Does The Breastfeeding World Big Latch On Impact Our Community?

There is something special – indescribable – about being surrounded by a tribe of women who feel empowered by their ability to nourish their children through breastfeeding. I knew maybe four women there, but we all “knew” each other.  -Tara Woebbe Alcaraz

We met on the red steps in NYC’s Times Square, where we all gathered to nurse our babies for exactly one minute together. What an empowering moment, to be able to join together, worry-free, not focusing on anyone looking or wondering what anyone was thinking – just feeding our babies. -Jessica Speer 

At first, breastfeeding was the most challenging part of motherhood for me. Now, it is my absolute favorite. Meeting all of these wonderful moms at this event made me feel so supported; knowing I wasn’t the only one, as cliche as that sounds. Breastfeeding World made me feel like I was a part of something that will benefit my son forever. And I thank everyone for such a wonderful learning experience. -Evelyn Helena

Thank you for giving us a space to celebrate and unite over breastfeeding -Labella Siciliana

It was such an eye opening experience for me. When I first started my breastfeeding journey after having my daughter, I struggled alone and felt judged when I had to nurse out in public. Being there, with a village of like minded warriors on those red steps that day made me feel undefeatable. I did not need to worry for one second about someone who might approach with something rude to say about me nursing my baby. I wish everyday could be so easy. -Lyssa Tsao

I was happy to be able to volunteer as I attended my first Big Latch On. I’m not currently breastfeeding myself, but continuing to promote this natural practice is as important to me now as when I was nursing. One of my favorite things was seeing how many Dads came to be a part of the event. Support of our partners is so important, and they were right there along side the moms, cheering them on. Standing directing in from of the stands, listening to the countdown to latch, seeing the triumph on all of the faces of the participants… these are the images that will always stand out to me. I was just on the sidelines, but you could feel how beautiful the moment was. I teared up! -Jacquie Rossi

What spoke volumes to me was the amount of spouses there to support their breastfeeding wives – that says A LOT about the character of our spouses, but also the mutual respect and support that is necessary in a partnership, that is so critical to the success of breastfeeding. -Tara Woebbe Alcaraz

Big Latch On #3 was a blast as always. So much support and love. -Lissette

We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

As we reach out to our community each year, we are blown away by the generosity we find among us. From our donors & contributors, to our volunteers, everyone works tirelessly to make this event possible for each and every one of our attendees. It is no doubt, that everyone who contributes, whether it be goodies or their time, does it out of love for breastfeeding, our communities and our families.

Thank You

Baltic Essentials provided every family with an amber necklace. Kindred Bravely gave incredible bamboo breast pads to every family plus a gift card to one lucky winner. Mommycon donated awesome swag bags to our Central Indiana location AND tickets to Mommycon NYC (I’ll see ya there) for our families here in NYC. Soul Slings donated the most beautiful carrier to one lucky family. I could go on! We were amazed at the generosity of our donors and all of the incredible goodies we were able to giveaway to our families.

A tremendous thank you to Phoenix Medical Equipment, for providing us with a Ameda Breast pump that we were honored to gift to a very special mother. Having experienced a loss, now blessed with a miracle baby, she faced a diagnosis that she was not prepared for. The Breast pump with give this mother and her baby the best possible start. She explained to us all of the research in favor of breastmilk for a baby diagnosed with Down Syndrome, but the difficulties that they will likely face with latching. This gift will provide this sweet family the peace of mind and allow her to provide breastmilk to her precious babe. Stayed tuned for a video dedication from this sweet momma!

We cannot thank you enough for the incredible generosity

Kindred Bravely, Diamond Contributor to Breastfeeding World's Big Latch On

baltic essentials, amber necklace, teething, big latch on, breastfeeding world, breastfeeding support

MommyCon, swag bags, big latch on

That Baltic Essentials Necklace & Bessie’s Best Stuffed Face

What Is To Come?

Throughout the year, we will continue to strengthen our online community, bringing you information on breastfeeding, motherhood, childhood development and more on our blog, as well as some reviews of awesome breastfeeding goodies. We will continue to do breastfeeding photoshoots around the country. Because, like we said, the more breastfeeding is seen in day to day life, the more normal it will become. Plus, aren’t they just gorgeous?!

It is also very important to all of us to work closely with our community throughout the year. In NYC, I have been working closely with one of our wonderful contributors, Wild Was Mama, to bring some smaller, focused, support group style events to our community in their beautiful location in Brooklyn. 

Family Resources in New York City

Birth Professionals

Breastfeeding Professionals

Babywearing Professionals

Thank You. Each And Every One Of You

Thank you for coming, for showing support for breastfeeding. Each one of our families are incredibly important to us. We are so thankful to each and every one of you for making these events so beautiful. 

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