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Remember when Alyssa Milano’s pumped breastmilk was seized at an airport screening checkpoint? (You can read the full article here) How about Rose Byrne’s encounter with the TSA? (watch the video here). What about all of the other moms who experienced harassment by TSA agents for bringing breastmilk through a checkpoint? (like Kate Champ’s and Vanessa Urango’s stories) Rest assured mamas, this wont be happening to you in the United States very soon, thanks to a new bill that won the full voice vote!

Breastfeeding World New Bill Acknowledges Breastmilk on Airplanes

Many nursing mothers have encountered issues while attempting to bring pumped breastmilk through TSA screening. While pumped breastmilk is already considered a “medically necessary liquid” and permitted through screening, and on flights as an exemption to the 100mL rule; there have been inconsistencies among agents with regard to these general policies. Unfortunately, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not train their agents unfailingly on the matter. Therefore, not all agents are complying with the guidance outlines. Government officials have decided it is time to step in.

Breastfeeding World New Bill Acknowledges Breastmilk on Airplanes

Bottles and Breastfeeding Equipment Screening Act

This new bill requires the Department of Homeland Security to ensure proper training of all airport personnel on feeding specific liquids and equipment for travelers with infants. Moreover, this bill gives parents the peace of mind when they travel with pumped breastmilk. The law is on your side! Now, the Bottles and Breastfeeding Equipment Screening Act is giving the TSA 90 days to ensure all airport personnel are properly trained on the already in place breastmilk policy.

In recent years, many airports have become aware of the need among nursing mothers for a space besides the restroom to breastfeed and pump. Airports across the United States have begun to offer lactation rooms and on-the-go lactation pods, like the Mamava lactation suites. Lactation rooms and pods, equipped with privacy, outlets, seating, and table space, are perfect for the travelling breastfeeding or pumping mother.

Check out this awesome resource detailing where you can find nursing stations in airports!

Breastfeeding World New Bill Acknowledges Breastmilk on Airplanes

Stayed Tuned for a review of the Mamava Lactation Suite in November!

Fly Happy, Babies and Mommas!


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