The team at Breastfeeding World is heartened by Wendy’s strength. She is breaking the silence of miscarriage, still birth, and infant death by honoring her son Killian through breastmilk donation, and her fundraiser. The truth is, while 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage, the stigma behind it keeps the bereavement of many parents in the shadows. We recognize that there are so many stories of loss, which are not spoken of. Breastfeeding World would like to give them a voice for the month of October.

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Wendy & Killian

One of life’s most painful losses it that of a child.

Miscarriage, still birth and infant loss cause a pain that is devastating. We feel a strong and natural love for our child. To lose your little one to death before they have had a chance at life is unfair, cruel even. We are left to wonder what might have been. A pair of empty arms can seem emptier than ever before. Faced with such a painful experience, we urge you to remember that it is normal, necessary and healthy to grieve.

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Becca remembers her son on his due date.

You should not have to do it alone.

No more should you hear that “it is natural” or “for the best”, for it is neither when you feel such emptiness. Your loss is real, realer than most can ever understand. It is time that we remove this taboo. We know that you will never move on, and as you step forward through this journey, your baby travels with you. It is time that we all remember your baby as you do because THAT is what is truly natural.

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For the remainder of the month, we will be sharing the raw stories of miscarriage, still birth and infant loss. We are honored to give voice to our children, gone far too soon. We stand with you and we would like to let other families know that they are not alone. For you, all of our mothers who had to say goodbye before they said hello,

we break the silence.

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