"youre still pregant?" and 5 Essential Breastfeeding Tips for Expectant MothersYes, you are still pregnant. Currently, you are 10 months pregnant. Your Due date is approaching (or passed). You have to stop and pee 200 times a day ( and that doesn’t count when you accidentally sneeze). Your feet are non-existent, and every time you raise your arms, your shirt comes flying up over your stomach, exposing your stretch-marks and baby tummy for the world to see, because NOTHING fits.

No, you are not having twins.

Yes, you have “gotten big.”

No, you aren’t in labor.

and Yes, you are still pregnant.

The Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy are Hard Enough without all the Questions

As your due date approaches, the daily calls and texts pour in.

How are you feeling? Any baby yet? You’ll let us know, right? Any Contractions? When’s your next doctors appointment?

Are you still pregnant?

In an attempt to happily share your approaching joy, friends and family members are inadvertently rubbing salt in your extremely impatient, hormonal wounds. They don’t realize how unhelpful it is, in your still pregnant state, to receive so many well-meaning texts inquiring over when your baby is coming. YOU don’t even know when your baby is coming, how are you supposed to tell them?!

How to quickly stop the "are you still pregnant?" comments

It’s enough to make you want to throw your phone out the window. Except of course, you need it to call the doctor or midwife, because you, too, are waiting for baby’s arrival.

How to Quickly Stop those “Are You Still Pregnant?” Comments

how to quickly stop the "are you still pregnant" questions

No one wants to greet your precious baby more than you. To count tiny toes and study the face of the tiny human you have carried inside of you for what seems like forever. However, that doesn’t mean that your in-laws, parents, siblings, and friends aren’t excited, and you don’t want them to think that you don’t appreciate their concern and show of love. You just don’t want to hear about it until you are no longer pregnant.  Now, one of your options is to not TELL anyone the due date. After all, only 2% of babies are born on their actual due date.

A Blanket Statement, on your social media or a mass text to concerned and loving parties ensures no one feels singled out and covers all your bases

Dear Friends and Family Members,

Thank you for all of your support and inquiries about our welfare. Baby is cooking along and seems extraordinarily happy in his little home. I feel bloated, uncomfortable, tired, and excited to meet our little one. I promise, when it is time, we will let you know that baby is on her way earth-side. Until then, well-meaning texts, asking when baby is coming and how I am feeling, only make me feel more pressure for our unknown D-day. Please, think love and well-wishes my way, but let baby grow in peace, for she will come when she is ready. And when she is, Hubby and I will be happy to let you know when to come and greet her. Thank You so much, we love you.

A picture is worth a thousand words, right?

Good Luck Mama, you’ve got this! Baby will be on her way before you know it, hopefully as smooth as possible!


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