Month: February 2017

The Powerful Way Lactivism Ultimately Impacts Your World

The Powerful Way Lactavism Ultimately Impacts Your World

The Powerful Way Lactavism Impacts Your World Recently, a post about Lactavism from Kristen at Motherwise popped up in my Facebook timeline from a few years ago. Lactavism comes in different forms and words. And Lactavism may mean different things to different people. However, Lactavists all have the same goal. We want to show the world that breastfeeding […]

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Why Letting Your Baby Wet Nurse isn’t the End of the World

why letting your baby wet nurse isnt the end of the world

Every breastfeeding working mother knows the struggle involved with going back to work and pumping. What if your child doesn’t take a bottle? You could feel afraid that your baby will favor the bottle more than the breast. That’s where we ended up. Wet nurse: a woman who breastfeeds and cares for another woman’s child. In our case, our wet […]

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My Journey Through Loss- Little LionHeart

Little Lion Heart

 Trigger Warning: Infant Loss A Note from the Editor: Last October 2016, Breastfeeding World supported families who experienced miscarriage, still birth, and Infant Loss. Our goal- to “Break the Silence” and stigma surrounding their grief during We are honored to feature mothers willing to commemorate their babies, gone too soon, by giving them a platform to share their experiences. So with that, […]

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How to Quickly Stop the “Are You Still Pregnant?” Comments

"youre still pregant?" and 5 Essential Breastfeeding Tips for Expectant Mothers

Yes, you are still pregnant. Currently, you are 10 months pregnant. Your Due date is approaching (or passed). You have to stop and pee 200 times a day ( and that doesn’t count when you accidentally sneeze). Your feet are non-existent, and every time you raise your arms, your shirt comes flying up over your stomach, exposing your […]

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Why Every Mother Deserves a Doula

why every mother deserves a doula breastfeeding world

When I found out that I was expecting for the first time, I had heard of the doula role and how they help new mothers.  Having constant support from the same loving, informed person during pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum months seemed really wonderful.  I imagined that doulas were making a positive impact all over […]

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