I debated writing this for a solid week now. I’ve been going back and forth in my mind between this and safer topics such as: ‘the best baby toys to keep your baby occupied long enough to wash a sink full of dishes” and “why the hell did someone invent snaps when zippers are clearly meant for the lazy?” But in the end, my heart knew best what it wanted to express to the world.

I’m going to expose my self conscious side for a bit here. I hope that part in all of you is able to relate. So, boobs. Let’s just get that out of the way.

What are ‘Moobs’?

Plural noun of Moob, pronounced like boobs with an ‘m.’ Moobs is the combination of the words ‘mom’ and ‘boobs’ otherwise known as ‘Mom boobs.” Typically referred to as large and saggy breasts, used to take on the beautiful job of feeding a child. Also, something moms are embarrassed or ashamed by at least once during motherhood. Rather a mother should be proud of her moobs as they too represent the beauty and strength in being a mom.

A love hate relationship with my breasts

Today, I was sitting on my phone picking out the perfect picture for a new Instagram post from a photo session my husband did with my daughter and I. Instantly, I found myself nit picking and judging my own body. I was in love with one particular photo, it captured both my daughter and I smiling at the SAME TIME (unheard of) and the lighting was just right, the focus was on point and the photo just oozed happiness. Oddly enough, it was taken on a day I actually felt very attractive. I was wearing a brand new romper that I was overly excited to finally fit into, in addition to my favorite sandals that go with every outfit. I made an effort to braid my hair and I felt sexy, but somehow in that moment the socially aware part of my brain started to scream…

“No!! You have such ‘mom boobs.’ Don’t you dare expose the possibility that your breasts aren’t perfect! They ruin this photo.“


In my mind, that’s the truth.

An ugly and hurtful truth, but truth nonetheless. And that’s simply due to the fact that, in my head, the breasts I now wear aren’t normal.

They no longer sit high on their own as they once did. For the past 18 years of my life before becoming pregnant, I was used to embracing my perfectly small, B cup sized breasts and the beauty of never having to wear a bra. So my now enlarged, to double their original sized, breasts are something I’m not quite accustomed to.

Several months postpartum and here we are, still struggling to find all of my self confidence again. But, similar to stretch marks, my breasts are an image of mother hood. A beautiful one at that. They represent a healthy baby, a well fed child. They represent the many months we’ve endured together in our breastfeeding journey. My breasts are a reminder of the intense and magical bond I share with my daughter and I want to be proud of that, not ashamed.

Will my boobs fix themselves like my vagina did?

Scientifically speaking, it is more than just possible for your breasts to regain elasticity similar to their sister body part, the vagina. It is no secret the vagina goes back to her normal placement within months after childbirth. It’s a flat-out myth that your breasts sag due to breastfeeding… We can thank pregnancy for that! This occurs when our bodies are pumped with raging hormones causing extra blood volume, that results in swelling in our breast tissue. Our boobs fill with milk in preparation for baby and the weight of the engorgement are part of the reason the breasts have such a high potential to sag.

Your breasts are very mobile because they’re attached to the muscles of your chest wall by thin bands also known as Cooper’s Ligaments. Your breasts contain no muscle and aren’t pulled very taut, so it’s easy for even the slightest weight increase to result in the tiniest bit of drooping.

It’s TOTALLY normal and a BEAUTIFUL thing!

In order for our breasts to make room to carry milk for our babies, our breasts have to let go of the fat around the glandular tissue, so that it can be replaced with milk. Typically, when breastfeeding ceases, women find that anywhere from several weeks to months after, their breasts regain fatty tissue and fullness. Often, when she returns to pre-pregnancy weight, it becomes more likely the breasts will return close to normal! Can you believe that? Neither can I because I’m still breastfeeding and waiting for that day to hit me in the face!

Finding the empowerment to go on…

I wear all sorts of weird and unexpected sizes now. Even though I’m nearing seven months postpartum, I’m still taking my time figuring out all these new things about myself. One of those fantastic things, is finding the courage and confidence to embrace my new self and the beauty I already hold.

It’s not an easy task to take on. We all know from experiencing the ages 10-17, that puberty is all about maturing. About continuing to find new ways to be confident in who we are as individuals. It takes years to find comfort in our body types! Then pregnancy just comes along and strips that away to a blank slate.

However, there’s nothing more refreshing than starting over when things are complicated. It’s far more beautiful to experience finding yourself when you have a new vision for the world. As mothers we adopt traits we didn’t posses before. Like, unconditional love. One truly doesn’t know unconditional love until they’ve had a child. There is not a thing more beautiful than viewing something through a mothers perspective.

So, if you too are struggling with any piece of your mom body, just think about what you would tell your child if they confided this problem to you. What would your mother tell you? You’ve worked hard to bring so much joy and love into this world. Why doesn’t your body deserve it too?





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Katherine Hovey

Katherine Hovey

Katherine Hovey is a young first time mom, stationed on Guam, living life over 7,900 air miles away from her home and everyone she knows as she navigates her place in life as a mother. Currently she is studying to become a Certified Medical Assistance and spends her free time volunteering as a writer for Soldier's Angels and a part time freelance photographer. Katherine's motivation is the compassion she has for others. Ultimately she wishes to reach out and impact every life she can touch. Whether that's getting the chance to help out a family in need, finding a home for an abandoned dog or getting the opportunity to hear someone's story. She is an avid people person yearning to make a change and leave her mark on this world while never ceasing to observe the world's lost beauty. If you'd like to learn more about Katherine you can find her on YouTube and Instagram at Hoveylife.
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