PNW Moms make history for Breastfeeding World’s first Downtown Seattle Big Latch On

There was so much excitement kicking off Breastfeeding World’s first ever west coast Big Latch On in Downtown Seattle! Moms gathered to show just how powerful the PNW community is in coming together in the name of normalizing breastfeeding.

Lots of excitement to make it happen

Like many first-ever events, hurdles that could have happened, happened. With unexpected wild fires burning in our Canadian neighbors’ forests, Seattle had been dealing with poor air quality for weeks. While there were predictions for better air that weekend, the days leading to it proved otherwise. It caused our guests to move from our initial outdoor gathering at Gas Works Park to indoors. Mothers were determined to be present at the event. They made Breastfeeding World’s Downtown Seattle Latch On successful despite the change in plans.

The Washington State Convention Center became the perfect meeting point. We were indoors, which meant a cooler location, better air quality for the children, and a safer place for toddlers to roam freely. Most importantly, a more intimate venue to meet with other guests.




Strong bonds for building a community

With just under 2 weeks of planning, the Breastfeeding World team in NYC, Martha’s Vineyard and Central Indiana coordinated their efforts to carry out Seattle’s first Latch On with ease. Each location sent over goodies for guests, swag bags and raffle items to make the event extraordinary. In the same passion for success, many guests from the Seattle event offered their hands and volunteer time for next year’s Big Latch On. It is amazing to hear complete strangers offer support, encouragement and excitement to a common mission of building a community and supporting a cause.




 How does participating in the Big Latch On impact our community?

Being present and gathering for Breastfeeding World’s first Downtown Seattle Big Latch On wasn’t just a gathering of a group of women in Seattle. It also wasn’t just a four city effort of the Breastfeeding World Team. For one whole minute, we joined 18,011 other women who breastfed 17,790 children across the world at 10:30am in their respective time zones. We came together in unity with 725 other countries to stand for breastfeeding rights everywhere.

We gather each year for the Big Latch On to normalize breastfeeding. There are so many aspects of the breastfeeding struggle in society that we see daily. This yearly event marks one day which is celebratory for all involved. We can gather, share stories of breastfeeding journeys, and provide resources and encouragement. Most of all, it brings awareness to our communities. It shines a light on the importance of breastfeeding for child, for mom and for our families.

Events like the Downtown Seattle Big Latch On help mothers celebrate the natural act of breastfeeding. By doing so, it helps normalize breastfeeding for society, to see it as an important part of motherhood and a child’s development. It is from events like the Seattle Big Latch On that cities are able to make legislative movement to protect mothers who breastfeed in public. It also makes movement to give Employers the sense to provide and care for breastfeeding mothers who return to work.

Breastfeeding World embodies this movement daily. We’re so glad to have Downtown Seattle added to the list of cities our growing community can turn to for our events.

    Moments captured remain the highlight of the day

The most beautiful elements of Breastfeeding World and Downtown Seattle’s Big Latch On are the photos. Phosphorus Photography‘s Ashley Ohlson Stramp is our Featured Photographer who captured the bonding of families at the event. She was amazing at creating the images that Breastfeeding World stands for. She captured the perfect bond between mother and child, the fun between new found friends and the enjoyment of others who gather in support of an important cause.

Many mothers resonated the same sentiment of Breastfeeding World hosting a Seattle location. They were extremely happy and thrilled to find a Big Latch On in Seattle. Families traveled from across the sound, north and south Seattle and from towns an hour or more away. A family on vacation from California attended the event as well, which brought great  insight to how strong the breastfeeding community is across our state borders.

We were so happy to meet each and every guest that day. Your presence means so much to Breastfeeding World and we’re going to be growing our community to make a larger and much more impactful Big Latch On next year!





Seattle Big Latch On


Thank you to our Sponsors

Breastfeeding World’s Downtown Seattle Big Latch On couldn’t have been more exciting without our Sponsors. Thank you Phosphorus Photography, Kindred Bravely, Baltic Essentials, Mommy Con, TulaBaby, Betty Rag Bag, Bessie’s Best, Doodle Pants, Vija Design, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Klenimals, Robin Lewis.

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Betty Rose

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