In what was recorded as the largest single day protest in history, an estimated 4 million people gathered to march in cities across the globe in support of basic human rights.

Whether marchers had supported one side or the other in the United State’s 45th Presidential election last November. participants in the 2017 Women’s March on Washington marched for far more than the results of the polls. Women, men, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, gathered and marched in their respective cities for more than one cause, the underlying being basic women’s rights as describe in the Unity Principle:

We believe that Women’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Women’s Rights. We must create a society in which women – including Black women, Native women, poor women, immigrant women, disabled women, Muslim women, lesbian queer and trans women – are free and able to care for and nurture their families, however they are formed, in safe and healthy environments free from structural impediments.”

Those who gathered, gathered to end violence. They gathered to support reproductive, LGBTQIA, worker’s, civil, disability and  immigrant rights. They gathered to advocate for environmental justice. While social media and news casts flooded screens with images of marchers and their signs flooding the streets of the largest cities, images that struck chords with those watching were of mothers, breastfeeding, pumping and carrying kids in tow.

Here are some of our favorite moms from Saturday’s March

Moms who breastfed

Moms like Sydney, who struck a chord with those around her.

I see mamas breastfeeding in public spaces a lot. It’s a beautiful thing, but watching it happen during the Women’s March brought tears to my eyes. Sydney and her family flew the red eye from LA on Saturday to attend the Women’s March on Washington. As I was sitting next to her, I couldn’t help but feel extra emotional. I almost couldn’t hold it in. THIS IS WHY WE MARCH. For choice, for equality, for the future, for the betterment of humanity. Thank you Sydney, for allowing me to capture this.”



Moms like Miranda, with her daughter Juniper, who took a break from the march.


Photo credit: Nicole Juarez


Moms like Kelly, who bumped into another mom on the same feeding schedule.

2 moms who ran into each other while feeding their babies at the Women’s March.”



Moms who Pumped

Moms like Celia, who came with signs showing their support for ACA and fundamental rights.

Our signs at the #chicago Women’s March this morning – Girls Just Want to Have Fundamental Rights ??❤ I pumped three bottles to make it to the march today!”



Moms like Kelly pumped during the March with smiles.

because 80% of our lawmakers have no idea what this feels like”



Moms like Lauren, who did their part, even through the rain. 

When you gotta pump and fight for human rights at the same time ?”



Moms who prepped before and after

Moms like Triathlete Margaret, with her little, who one hydrated before their march in Portland.

On the way to #womensmarchpdx #publicbreastfeeding#normalizebreastfeeding



After their march, moms like Heidi and her little one refreshed from their walk.

Post march snack “



Moms with more causes than one

In Seattle, moms like Amy taught her young daughter about her rights to her body.

Her body, her choice, and her rights.”



Moms like Jaynina marched with, and for, her children.

#whyimarch #womxnsmarchseattle”



Moms like Hannah challenged the world to stand up for people’s rights.

Frankie Mei is strong enough to stand up for her rights…are you? “



In LA, Moms like Micaela took a moment to normalize breastfeeding.

One of my favorite breastfeeding pictures to date!

Photo credit: @vimoverissimo


Moms like Chelsea reiterated the words of all women having a choice.

Hear me roar ??? ”



Moms who were photographed at the right moment

Moms in all cities were beautifully photographed, like this breastfeeding mother, by Tara in DC.

Breastfeeding during the @womensmarch on Washington today in Washington DC”



Moms like Alana taught their daughters about HUMAN rights.

Women’s rights are human rights.”



Moms like Cat had a great day marching, while breastfeeding, all the way in Lansing.

We had a wonderful day in Lansing”



Moms like @ketchupisveggie brought all their babies to the march.

FrenchFry and I marching in NOLA today.”



Moms like Melissa K, who brought her 6 week old daughter Delia for her first march milestone.

Baby Delia’s first march.”



And moms like Stephanie had no words, but the right symbols to show her support.

#normalizebreastfeeding #wearallthebabies #womensrightsarehumanrights #womensmarch #theresistance #wesleymorrishoward #thefutureisfemale


How incredible are all these moms?

Photo credit: @noragoldman
How awesome is the solidarity of women to keep doing what they do to normalize breastfeeding and raise children with the mindset to stand up for our beliefs and rights?
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Betty Rose

Betty Rose

Betty Rose is a writer and the voice behind the #MomLife Column. Born and raised on the Pacific Island of Guam, she now resides in Seattle, Washington. After having her first child, she began sharing her new role as a Chamorro mother living in the stats and continues to contribute feature stories of Pacific Island communities in other publications. She embraces the diversity, the struggles of motherhood and hopes that, through her writing, she can break and bring awareness to the barriers set on minority communities across the world.
Betty Rose

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