I’m not even joking with you! All babies are funny at times. Breastfed babies on the other hand, are completely hilarious to me! Especially my two little ones.

There are a few things that I have noticed with my first baby that I always wondered, ‘do all babies do this?’ It turns out, both of my babies are hilarious and did some of the same things. Granted, they are also very much different, there are some similarities. Breastfed babies are hilarious.

Let’s start with this:

Does anyone remember the hilarious video of the breastfed babies nursing on the other’s cheek?

Totally adorable and hilarious, right? It’s what babies do! Feels like skin – boob. Boob means food.

When I first had my son, I was incredibly worried about breastfeeding. I worried about whether or not he would know how or where to go at it. Babies are insanely smart and have built-in boob finders. The thing is, sometimes they don’t realize if it’s yours or your husband’s.  I couldn’t believe how much my son was trying to get his nipple! Through the shirt, even! Let me tell you, they get really mad when you actually give them the wrong nipple. Don’t do this.

The Amazing Ways Breastfed Babies Are Hilarious

Let’s talk about suction.

Weird topic, right? They have insane suction and will suck up your arm like a vacuum if they think it’s a boob! Raise your hand if you or your spouse has ever gotten a hickey from your baby. Yep, I’ve been there too. My husband would actually let it happen on purpose just so I could finish a shower. My baby may not be nursing but at least they’re being comforted for a few minutes! It’s funny enough that they’re completely okay with that – for just a few minutes until the real thing arrives.

Do we have any co-sleeping parents in here?

We are definitely a bedsharing family. It’s easier on me when it comes to working and actually getting some rest. There’s this super cute, hilarious, and entertaining thing that she does when nursing to sleep at night. DreaThe Amazing Ways Breastfed Babies Are Hilariousm-feeding is what I like to call it. Nurse, nurse, nurse – sleep, sleep, sleep and then you hear that cute, little “pop!’ She let’s go and it’s like she’s saying, “I am all done.” That’s not the funny part. As she throws her head back to announce that she’s finished, she slowly brings her head back down to relax. Once her cheek slightly touches the breast and feels any skin, she throws her head back and forth again as if to say,

“MOM. I said I am done. Stop trying to feed me!”

And then, there is the shirt grab and the won’t let go.

Maybe she has a fear of falling, or she’s just making sure she has easy access to the food. Either way, I laugh because she’s got quite the grip!

We also have the boob pillow. All babies love the boob pillow. (Honestly, my husband enjoys the boob pillow too.) If only we could figure out what it feels like…
ANYWAY, this isn’t really that funny but it’s so adorable and I love how comfortable they are when they’re passed out on there. After a satisfying nursing session, it’s crazy that they can just conk out anywhere and drool.

The Amazing Ways Breastfed Babies Are Hilarious

 Ah, the life of a breastfed baby…and even a toddler. 

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Abigail Dougherty

Abigail Dougherty

A 27 year old from Wisconsin but currently stationed in California with a happy marriage and two rainbow babies. Abigail is currently in the Navy and is also a certified personal trainer. I am a kinesiology major who plans to use her knowledge to help her do more in the fitness industry. She's a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, essential oil using, gym freak, babywearing, kind of mom. Abigail loves empowering and encouraging women to be who they are and to take pride in that.
Abigail Dougherty

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