Month: January 2017

How to be an Italian mom like a rock star in 10 Easy Steps

how to be an Italian mom like a rock star

I am usually the last person to categorize heaps of people into nice neat little boxes. I am not the stereotypical, woman, American, mother, or wife- and my guess is that you don’t exactly match any stereotype either.  Most Italian mothers are not the stereotypical “Italian mom”. We all have special and intricate life stories […]

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You can support “Breast is best,” but not be “Anti-formula”

“Fed is Best”. “Breast is Best”. Are you on one of these teams? Chances are, if you are a mother, then you’ve been a member of one of those teams. And unfortunately, with social media today, you may have experienced “mommy shaming” from the formula or breastfeeding camp. Well I have a confession to make…I’m on BOTH teams. Let […]

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The Amazing Ways Breastfed Babies Are Hilarious

I’m not even joking with you! All babies are funny at times. Breastfed babies on the other hand, are completely hilarious to me! Especially my two little ones. There are a few things that I have noticed with my first baby that I always wondered, ‘do all babies do this?’ It turns out, both of […]

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