It’s true! For one lucky member of our Breastfeeding World Village, we are so excited to announce our Wrapsody Giveaway! The winner gets their choice- any one Wrapsody Hybrid Colorway from the website.

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Hurray for a Wrapsody Giveaway! But what IS Wrapsody?

About Wrapsody

The thing we love most about Wrapsody (maybe even more than their wrap- is that possible?) Is their commitment to ethical business practices, the earth, and to families. A small, female owned business, who uses evidence-based practice, and committed to the world around us? What a fabulous company to support!

One of the innovative things about Wrapsody is that while they are known for their Hybrid Wraps (more below!), they have a great variety of fresh wraps and products:

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This is a great chart from the Wrapsody website which lets you choose which product is best for your needs and desires.

The Hybrid, Breeze, and Ring slings are all made in Indonesia by a small business owned by a single mom! Manufactured in New England, USA, a single dad sews the wrap DuO’s. Yay for small businesses supporting small businesses!

Wrapsody Breeze: Wrapsody’s customers say that the Breeze is one of the lightest weight wrap carrier around. Marketed as a “gauze” wrap, the fabric gets softer with use. They come in a variety of hand dyed or hand batiked Colorways, and are safe for front, back, and hip carries.

Wrapsody Wrap DuO: One of the most innovative of Wrapsody’s Wraps, the Wrap DuO is great for both land and water. I have never seen another babywearing product on the market which does BOTH. It’s material makes it perfect for swimming, bathing, working out, and is slinky and elegant enough to wear to formal events such as weddings!

Artisan Ring Sling: Hand-dyed or batiked, the Artisan Ring Slings carry babies up to 35 lbs.

Besides babywearing, Wrapsody also produces Hollywood-Style Dresses, Headwraps, baby hats, and furoshiki scarves.

I could tell you more about the company and it’s ideals,

But I think they can share it best:

Wrapsody begins with your family and continues through a cycle of connection for you, your baby, and our local and global communities.

When you buy from Wrapsody, you are buying more than a baby carrier. You are buying a one-of-a-kind product made by hand under fair-trade and ecologically responsible conditions. You are buying from a business that supports women and children. You are buying a lightweight, high-quality product that will last long after your baby’s infancy. You are buying a hug that will keep you cool and comfortable everywhere you want to be.

Wrapsody focuses on community, sustainability and social justice. We strive to be ethical and responsible and to serve all families well. We are grateful to you, our Wrapsody community, for your love and support both of Wrapsody and of one another. 

Wrapsody Hybrid Review:

Editor’s note: This is a true and honest Wrapsody review from our Breastfeeding World team. We are a small non-profit and self hosted project, and receive no compensation for this review. Breastfeeding World promises that we never endorse ANYTHING that we don’t love, ourselves.

When we first decided to do a Wrapsody Giveaway, as a Wrapsody owner, the news excited me.

My Wrapsody hybrid has spawned my love for wrapping. I’m an avid babywearer, I love wearing all the babies, but until Wrapsody, wrapping babies intimidated me so much. Now I find myself using YouTube and constantly looking for new wraps to master. (Helpful hint: Everyday Babywearing and Love in Motion are fabulous Facebook Groups with helpful parents eager to give advice and tips.)

While it’s not the first wrap I have ever used, Wrapsody Hybrid is the first wrap I’ve bought. I love my Harbor Colorway because it’s got a personal story behind it- My husband and I lived and worked on a Cruise Ship together for a year, and became engaged during that time in Kona, Hawaii.  Firstly, I knew I loved the company’s ideals (see above). But I chose a Hybrid for my first wrap because I am a novice wrapper. To be honest- wrapping made me really nervous.From what I read, it’s one-way stretch capabilities made it possible to do back, front, and hip carries, with the strength of a woven, but the flexibility for “sloppy wrap jobs” like a Moby. 

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Note my sloppy poppins carry- but she was secure, safe, and happy. I believe the 1-way stretch in the hybrid made what was a novice wrapping job much more comfortable.
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Excuse the messy bathroom- let’s face it I’m not ashamed of the #momlife. My little peek-a-boo face was too cute not to share.
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My daycare toddler was the first baby I ever wore. Now at three, he lets me use him for back carry practice, and he loves the extra snuggles.

When I opened my hybrid, which came in its very own little carrying bag, it surprised me to find how THIN (read: breathability!) the wrap seemed!

Yet it allowed me to practice a back ruck with my four-year old Daycare Little. (My toddler ran away screaming “No Monkeys!”… Oh the joys of motherhood.) I love the one way stretch for the way it seemed to hug my Littles. And I loved the thinness of it because it allowed for easy passes with my impatient toddler and my inexperienced wrap jobs. I have fantasies of cool wraps, summer days, soccer games, state fairs… and with the comfort of a wrap, O and I can snuggle for hours!

How Can I Enter the Wrapsody Giveaway?

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