Happy International Babywearing Week!

When my daughter was a newborn, she nursed around the clock and I didn’t get off of the couch very often. After about 2 months of endless snuggles and Netflix marathons (not complaining), I decided something had to give because I needed to get things done around the house. I went out and bought my very first Moby Wrap from a local consignment shop, watched a few YouTube tutorials to get the hang of putting it on, and it has been a babywearing love affair ever since!

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The skin-to-skin benefits of babywearing can ease anxiety for mom and baby, aid in milk production, and it also gives you the convenience of being hands free without having to carry around a bulky stroller. Not to mention, the upright position can be very beneficial for colicky, gassy, or reflux babies. That being said, I would like to introduce the first wrap I ever used: The Moby Wrap! It is a great wrap to start with, but it can be a bit intimidating at first.

I recently joked with a friend that The Moby Wrap is the “Gateway Drug” of baby carriers. From there I bought a Sling, Mei-Tei Sash, and eventually splurged on an Ergobaby, which I use now that Violet is 15 months-old and much heavier. The Moby Wrap was a great place to start because it kept her warm, cozy and close to me, all while being extremely affordable.

Breastfeeding World, Lissa James, Moby Wrap
Safety Check: Close enough to kiss, airway is clear, and the “seat belt” is fully covering her back giving an extra layer or protection. Good to go!

There are multiple ways to wear a Moby Wrap: the newborn hug holdhug holdhip hold, and the kangaroo wrap and hold. You can even breastfeed in a Moby! My favorite method is the hug hold. Whatever method you choose, have fun and make sure that safety is your first priority. A baby can be seriously injured or killed if positioned incorrectly, so please always ensure the safety of your little one while babywearing. It is also important to make sure that you are positioning the wrap ergonomically. (Click the links above for tutorials including pictures and videos on how to wear the Moby Wrap safely and correctly.)

I highly recommend trying a Moby Wrap, but be warned: You may become addicted to babywearing, which could lead to impulsive wearing of babies, and purchases of wraps, carriers, and slings galore!

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Daddy’s can babywear, too! Here is DB wearing Violet in our Mei – Sash when she was around 6 months old.


Wear them, keep them close, and be merry. Happy babywearing, friends.


We love to hear from you! What is your favorite way to wear your baby?

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