Month: October 2015

But at what cost…

becoming a better man a better father, breastfeeding world, fatherhood, sobriety, journey, fatherhood journey

This past Saturday I celebrated 6 years sober. This time of the year always brings up so many mixed emotions for me. A lot goes through my mind, choices I have made, things I’ve sacrificed, relationships that have been lost. My sobriety has brought me to where I am today, it has made me a husband, […]

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The Power of Birth Affirmations

birth affirmations, birthing, natural birthing, pregnancy, natural pregnancy, motherhood, breastfeeding world

Whether you make an affirmation banner or board, print cards, color papers, listen to tracks or just keep them in your mind; birth affirmations can be extremely helpful during a woman’s pregnancy and natural birthing time. Joyful pregnancy affirmations are something women should be familiar with throughout their pregnancy, as they help to build confidence, diminish fears […]

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