One of my absolute favorite things to do is go for a stroller walk with my baby girl. Getting out of the house can be overwhelming when you are a new mom. However, once I conquered my fears of taking baby outside, mastered how to pack the diaper bag in under 30 seconds, and got some cute walking shoes, it quickly became a new daily ritual that we both thoroughly enjoy. So this week I have compiled a list of my favorite stroller walks that Hannah and I have done together in the last six months (can’t believe my baby is six months old! Sigh!). Hopefully, this post will inspire other moms to get outside and start walking with your babies!

My Top 5 Stroller Walks around the World:

  1. Botanic Gardens, Sydney, Australia: Hannah was born in Sydney, so this was the first park we took her through when she was just one week old. It is so beautiful and completely open and free to the public. You can stroll among the colorful tulips, roses, pansies, and gorgeous greenery and follow the path down to the famous Opera House.  

    Sydney’s Botanic Gardens with Hannah, 7 days old
  2. Shelly Beach, Australia: When Hannah was not even two weeks old, my mom visited us from the US and we did this stunning walk along the beach together. It is paved, so perfect for strolling along. Shelly Beach is a protected marine reserve which has become popular with scuba divers, stand up paddleboarders, and snorkelers. Walking along you can see all sorts of wildlife and tiny stone sculptures line with path to the beach.
    Shelly Beach, Manly, Australia with Hannah at 12 days old.

    3. Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier, California: The Venice Beach boardwalk is world-famous and you’ve probably seen the Santa Monica pier in tons of movies. We did a quick trip through LA and spent a whole day walking along the beach and people watching.

    Santa Monica Pier with Hannah at 6 weeks old
    Santa Monica Pier with Hannah at 6 weeks old.

    4. Downtown Denver 16th Street Mall, Denver, Colorado: This mile-long pedestrian promenade is lined with outdoor cafes, live music, flower baskets, and retail shops. I was surprised to find what a fantastic shopping destination Denver was, too. You can walk and shop ‘til you drop with your baby all day. Plus, free shuttles travel both directions the entire length of the mall from early morning to late at night, so if you need a break, you can just hop on one! Keep walking and you’ll hit this beautiful park to play in!

    Denver is known for its 300 days of sunshine each year!
    Denver is known for its 300 days of sunshine each year!

    5. Boston Common, Massachusetts: This public park in downtown Boston is exquisitely manicured with pathways that wind through gardens and wrap around a huge Frog Pond. We strolled through the park for hours and laid out a picnic blanket and played with Hannah’s toys in the shade. There were lots of families walking around and even a horse carousel for older kids to go on.

    Touring Boston with Hannah at 5 months old.
    Touring Boston with Hannah at 5 months old.

    So, there you have it! My list of five amazing pram walks to add to your Stroller Walking Bucket List. I will share more beautiful walks I find in upcoming months. Just because winter’s coming, doesn’t mean you can’t keep walking! Enjoy fall, everyone!


We love to hear from you! Where is your favorite place to stroll with your baby?

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