Month: March 2017

What Do You Need To Know About Handling Breastmilk?

Everything you ever need to know about handling breastmilk- Guides from a Daycare Provider- pumping milk, working mom, pumping mom, handle breastmilk, freeze breastmilk, breastmilk storage, dethaw breastmilk

When you are an exclusively breastfeeding mother, handling breastmilk is a no-brainer Boob produces milk Baby drinks from boob Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? But when you are not “the one with boobs”, handling that liquid gold gets a little more complicated. Because let’s be honest here- no one wants to be the one to […]

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Breastfeeding with Ginormous Boobs – What It’s Really Like

Like many women out there, I have never been able to walk into a big chain lingerie store and purchase the slinky number adorned by the mannequin. Even at my lowest adult dress size (which was admittedly some time ago) my bust was too large to be fashionable. I was always lead past the lovely […]

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