The importance of a Nursing Nook in your nursery

Whether you are welcoming your first baby or third baby into your family, the nursery is an important room to consider. It can be a quiet escape where you and your little one get to know each other while spending countless hours bonding. If you are like me, at some point you might have thought that a fully equipped nursery was silly. For at least the first year, I co-sleep; I thought I never wanted to be confined to one room with my baby; I really believed that this fully furnished and fancy nursery would become the untouched room with the perfect lines in the carpet. Those thoughts changed as I welcomed my son (and my daughter after that) and realized how important a quiet, soothing space can be.

As such, it’s necessary to create a space that both you and your baby will love. If you’re in need of some ideas, Shutterfly put together an interactive that shares 75 baby room themes with filters to help you narrow down your search based on ideas for a girl, boy or neutral room. And, you guys, it is SO much fun. I browsed for countless hours, and found some incredible inspiration.

Ultimately, you should design a space that creates a warm and welcoming environment for both you and your baby. When it comes to breastfeeding, while you create routine, this room will be your haven! Creating a nursing nook is a great way to bring the functionality of a nursery to the next level!

Check out 5 things you need for the perfect nursing nook in your nursery!


A Comfy Chair!

Comfy Chair in a nursing nook
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Everyone’s tastes are different, in décor AND comfort. A comfortable chair can be a rocker to some, a fluffy armchair or a nice firm chair that holds the body pleasantly. Personally, I see the merit in all of the chairs. Literally, all of them. Every chair in my home, I bought in different styles to accommodate my different needs! I have a rocker in my nursery, a fluffy slipper chair in my bedroom and firm chairs in my dining room. All have been utilized for breastfeeding at some point in this journey. I chose the rocker for my nursery for those specific times of overstimulation.

Like I mentioned before, I didn’t want to be confined to one room with my baby, but there are times when I needed (and wanted) to retreat to this quiet sanctuary. This was especially true after my daughter was born, having an older child and a dog was constant noise and distractions for her. But, when we would go to our rocker in the nursery, nursing, gentle rocking and light shushing made her fall asleep like a dream!


An Ottoman

an ottoman perfect for your nursing nook
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A place to put your feet up. This is quite underrated, I will be honest. I will admit that I am vertically challenged and often times my feet do not comfortably reach the floor when I am sitting up straight in normal people chairs. Because of this, I am often slouching and scooting my hips forward to be more comfortable, NOT good for breastfeeding. When I had my daughter, the first thing my lactation consultant did, was utilize my son’s cute little armchair as a stool for my feet. I was able to sit up tall and the various nursing positions she taught me were so much easier. After this, all of my favorite chairs adorned a little stool or ottoman, trust me, you will definitely want one!


An End Table

an end table in your nursing nook
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WATER! If you are a breastfeeding mother, you already know what I mean. But, if you haven’t had your baby yet, you don’t know what a camel you will become. Breastfeeding has this way of making you insanely thirsty. Really, it is constant. An end table is the perfect addition to your nursery, you can put your water on it, your phone, your book, your nipple cream, anything you may want or need close by while you are nursing your little.


Soft Lighting


the perfect lighting in your nursing nook
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I will be honest; this one didn’t strike me until my son was born. But, alas, we live and we learn. There were so many occasions when I found our overhead lighting to be too harsh. But, then it was turned off and it was too stinking dark. A soft lamp helped me to achieve the perfect serene environment for baby (and myself). I keep this lamp on the end table! That way I am able to reach it when I decide it is time to turn it off.


Your Style

Ultimately, you need a room that is going to make you happy when you are in it. A room that is going to be soothing to both you and your baby. It doesn’t matter the colors, the era, the panache, what matters, is that YOU love it! If this becomes the nursing nook to which you retreat when the World becomes too overwhelming for the both of you, wouldn’t you want it to be a room that makes you smile? I know I did!

And now, as my children are older and we nurse in the room less and less, I find myself walking in there, just for that little slice of serenity. Even still, It is still my calm space. In the hectic-ness of toddlers, dogs, chores, cooking, life, I retreat to their rooms and remember the way I have always felt in there. I retreat and I am at peace in our nursing nook.

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