Growing up I would say I had the benefit and curse that I was exposed to many different foods.

I ate lots of different veggies and fruit and enjoyed home cooked meals almost every day.  However, those meals oftentimes included fried meat, gravy, butter, flour, lots of salt etc. The relationship of food was to fulfill a hunger “need” and comfort.  The relationship to feed your body well so that on a cellular level your body could operate as needed was not included…

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Fast forward a few years and I decide to give up pork at the age of 14.  Literally, I told my mother I no longer would no longer eat pork, and asked her not to buy it.  I did “well” for what I thought I should be eating. I may have missed the mark just a tad!

As I grew and learned more about our bodies and healing, I turned to a more natural approach to nutrition and healing.

I was never much of a pill taker. So when I discovered the alternative uses of essential oils and teas, the transition was a no-brainer.  Anyhow, let’s skip to the good part- when I “label” myself as a vegan! Haha!

Why I chose a Vegan Lifestyle for our family- Guest Post, Aimbriel Lasley

Summer/Fall of 2015 meat started to make me feel nauseous.  The sight and smell just turned my stomach.  At this point I was only eating fish mostly with the occasional chicken.  I gave those things up, so at that point you could consider me vegetarian.  I hung on to cheese as it had ALWAYS been a favorite thing of mine to eat.  Shredded, cubed, sliced, whipped, creamed, it did not matter the form, I LOVED IT! Sadly, that needed to change…

I do believe in manifesting good thoughts and leaning towards new challenges.

So when February 10, 2016 came (aka Lent), I decided to “go vegan” for 40 days.

What. Was. I. Thinking.

This journey wasn’t just me- I drug along my entire family…all six of us!  At first, I struggled, but the more I ventured out and found new things, the better. Soon I started to feel better, sleep better, and have more energy.  Maybe I was on to something?

Why I chose a vegan lifestyle for our family, aimbriel lasley, guest post, breastfeeding world

So when the 40 days of lent ended, I never looked back.

Choosing a vegan lifestyle became one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and family.  When you are mindful of what you’re putting into your body, and the effects it has on your mind- the result is powerful.  YOU have the control!!  Knowing that I could turn off predisposed markers according to family history due to diet and continuing to use natural remedies was eye opening and continually proving to be beneficial.

It has now been one year and one month since I became a vegan, and I love every minute.

Why I chose a vegan lifestly for our family, aimbriel lasley, breastfeeding world, guest post, healthy eating, lifestyle

Now I am eating things that I never had before! I’m expanding my palate, and introducing new things to the family all the time!  Being vegan is not just our “diet” it encompasses the products we use at home.  I make our own lotion, hand soap, deodorant, mouth wash and hair oil. All of these things are derived from plants and essentially keep us away from toxins.  You do not have to make your own but it is super easy and something I enjoy.  There are some good brands you can buy on the market that are vegan and cruelty free.

My husband has been a huge supporter and advocate as he has seen the many benefits for himself as well and in our children.  This is a lifestyle that can be easily adopted by anyone.

guest post, black breastfeeding week, aimbriel lasley, purely maternalAbout the Author, Aimbriel Lasley

Aimbriel is an Indiana native, wife and mother of four. On top of being a wife and mother and all of the responsibilities that come along with those roles she owns and operates Purely Maternal, LLC. Her passion of breastfeeding and maternal care is an essential part of her life. Being able to educate mothers and families on their options, assisting them with birth planning, breastfeeding education and nutrition is a journey she never thought she would take but she is surely glad she did. She enjoys learning and making new recipes, spending time with her family, learning and loving!

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  1. anne kathryn
    May 3, 2017 at 12:12 PM (9 months ago)

    Great story! I also started to feel healthier and just better when I started to eat more plant based. It’s another world! I love it. Thanks for sharing.


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